DA1394 - Clinical Waste Bags 
DA1393 - Local Area Network (LAN) environment
DA1392 - ICT Suppliers 
DA1386- Policy on the Use of Physical Holding Skills
DA1385 - Luton and Beds Service Managers
DA1371- Temporary agency labour spend on non-medical non-clinical staff
DA 1386 - Incidents of physical restraint used 
DA 1369 - Information on locums and agency staff 


DA1387 Referrals waiting times and deaths psychotherapy services
DA1402 Psychiatric Units 
DA1407 Recruitment Agencies used for temp nursing staff since 23/11/15
DA1413 Changes made in accordance with Immigration Act 2014
DA1414 Financing of overseas visitors management team
DA1421 Telephone Maintenance Contract Update
DA1423 No. of  patients that have committee/suspected of committing, a homicide 
DA1424 Handling of Patients Deaths by ELFT
DA1442 Details of interpreting services annual spend 



DA1461 - FOI Fees and Statistics 
DA1491 - Women discharged from maternity units
DA1487 - Under 16 STD Tests
DA1484 - Board members and executive directors 
DA1481 - Never Events
DA1476 - Media Licenses
DA1463 - Speech and Language Therapists at St Winefrides RC  School
DA1450 - Training on human trafficking and modern slavery
DA1473 - Trust IT Systems 



DA1497   - Quality of Service: The number of referrals to CAMHS
DA1493   - ICT Fixed Telephony, Broadband and WAN contracts
DA1502   - ICT Telehealth provider/contract
DA1506   - ICT IT equipment affected by Ransomware
DA1515   - Quality of Service: CAMHS referrals and outcomes
DA1516   - Quality of Service: Nurse training in supporting patients with borderline personality disorder
DA1522 - ICT Organisational use of Document Management System 
DA1526 - Quality of service: Number of beds in the Trust



DA1521 All data collated from drug testing of in-patients over the last three calendar years.
DA1531 Clinical Coding 
DA1533 Admissions of people diagnosed with Autism.
DA1534 international recruitment of nurses
DA1535 Health visiting service
DA1537 Services provided to ELFT by Hempsons solicitors
DA1539 List of Commissioner requested services
DA1548 Agency nursing spend
DA1549 How many incidents of physical restraint 2013/14 (ii) 2014/15 (iii) 2015/16 
DA1552 Number of OTs employed & pay bands in April 2005 & April 2015.



DA1559 - Social workers employed and their roles
DA1571a -Current waiting times for various therapies
DA1571 - Current waiting times for CAMHS
DA1572 - Locum doctors and nurses
DA1596 - Annual IT Budget - split between Capital and Revenue Expenditure
DA1600 - ICT Infrastructure
DA1605 - Parking Services at our hospitals
DA1620 - Children with eating discorders - anorexia & bulimia
DA1624 - Mental Health Trust IT System
DA1644 - Details of telephone system and contract



DA1619 Number of investigations that followed deaths, sudden and unexpected
DA1653 Medicines Guidelines and Pharmacy Practice
DA1661 Clinical Audit policies and plans
DA1671 Mental Health provision for single/non-statutory homeless persons
DA1672 E-Rostering system provider and contract
DA1682 Use of Restraint 
DA1683 Contract end date for finance and accounting serice by SBS
DA1684 Register of payments from pharmaceutical companies to staff
DA1693 Total amount spent on Agency Locum Doctors F/Y 2015/2016
DA1694 Total amount spent on Agency Nurses F/Y 2015/2016
DA1709 Malicious computer software - ransomware
DA1733 Cyber abuse or cyber trolling - bullying and harassment


DA1696 ICT Expenditure
DA1712 Staff and Agency information
DA1715 Total spend on Non-Medical Agency  Pay 
DA1740 Trust's total substantive absence rates
DA1744 Spend on Agency Social Workers & Allied Health Professionals
DA1749 Voluntary turnover - F/Y 2014/15 & 2015/16
DA1754 Rehabilitation service for Hip Fracture, Stroke, COPD
DA1765 Junior Doctors contract for the last 2 months up to 4/08/2016
DA1768 Internal plans and strategies: Corporate, IT, Estates & Facilities, Waste & Environmental
DA1769 Organisational Structure Chart for DOLS
DA1778 Managing Personal Injury Claims
DA1813 Names of Medical Director for Clinical Information & Chief Information Officer
DA1845 Director responsible for Medical Devices



DA1846 IT network
DA1847 Costing for new junior Doctor contract
DA1848 District Nurses
DA1860 Technology trend - PBX
DA1865 Mattresses information
DA1888 Impact of smoking bans on patients' well being
DA1889 Acupuncture treatments
DA1892 Women's Maternity Rights
DA1901 Use of Temporary Social Workers
DA1905 Utilisation of Rostering Software



DA1918 Trust’s Rapid Tranquillisation (RT) Policy
DA1920 Chief Pharmacist Contact Details
DA1921 IT Security
DA1922 Number of Patients Detained under MHA who died
DA1923 Electronic Staffing Systems
DA1924 Cyber Security Services
DA1926 Trust Annual Accounts 2015/16
DA1929 Telecoms and Network Services
DA1931 ICT Infrastructure
DA1957 Number of Locked beds


DA1961 Cleaning Contract
DA1964 Specialist Interventions 
DA1969 Spend for Medical Locum Doctors and Agency Nurses
DA1971 Cognitive Behavioural Therapy : Waiting Times
DA1972 Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)
DA1977 Postal and Mailing information
DA1981 Implementation/on-going cost of Friends and Family Test (FFT)
DA1982 Multi-Functional Devices (MFDs) and Printing Information
DA1985 Services for women experiencing multiple disadvantages
DA1989 Podiatry Service Specification and Eligibility Criteria



DA2043 Cyber Security
DA2045 Vehicle Provision
DA2046 Payroll Research
DA2047 Spending on IT Equipment and IT Services
DA2050 Children’s Community Nursing
DA2052 Number of Nursing and Nursing Support Vacancies
DA2051 Cost of Professional Translators and Interpreters
DA2066 Drug Preparation facilities within the Trust Pharmacy
DA2068 Server Information
DA2069 Consultants and Overtime

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