2099 Dummy Appointments via NHS e-referral system
2135 District Nursing agency expenditure
2160 Dress code uniform policy for nurses
2161 Pharmacy headcount / financials
2165 No of clinical and non-medical staff over 55 
2168 Inpatient Mental health Rehabilitation Services
2171 Copy of Honorary contract of employment & contract for educational/training 


2174   Number of SI, patient death, staff fatigue

2178    Children detained under the MHA and the number detained in adult wards

2180    Name of Patient Administration Systems (PAS) and PAS software supplier

2191    Complaints about staffing levels

2192    Security 
2201    Infected with and treated for a superbug
2208    Information on photocopiers / MFDs / Desktops

2242    Child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) run by ELFT

2243    Newham Centre for Mental Health Closure

2259    Software Solution for job planning




2264 ELFT’s IT, WiFi, VPN and MPLS
2268 Training, Development and Mentorship

2271 Clinical Waste Bag Ties

2279 Outsourced and In-House Couriers

2284 Employment References
2304 Rostering and Rota Management
2317 Electronic Patient Record and System Details
2318 ELFT’s WiFi Provider Contract
2319 Licensing Secondary Care Medicines
2362 Children and Adolescents Mental Health Services (CAMHS)




2380 Web Filtering Solution

2382 Junior Doctors Rotational Training Posts
2386 Doctors Unable To Work Due To Stress, Anxiety or Depression
2390 IT Systems and Suppliers Used By The Trust
2394 Mental Health Information Technology Infrastructure and Software
2403 The Trust’s Telephone System Maintenance Contract
2407 Training of GP and Trainee Doctors on Human Trafficking



2410 DoH Policies and Guidance on Regulations for Charging Overseas Visitors
2411 Accommodation Provided for Doctors on Shift Work
2412 District Nursing Services to Tower Hamlets Catchment
2415 Body Mass Index – Eating Disorders
2420 Appointing a Data Protection Officer
2429 WannaCry Ransomware Attack


2445 How Many Formal Complaints received 01.05.2016 – 20.04.2017
2447 How Many Children and Adolescents Waiting for Access to Psychological Therapies
2450 How Many Employees Investigated for Social Media Breaches


2446 How Many Reams of Paper, Type of Paper did ELFT Procure in 2016/17 FY
2452 Detained under the Mental Health Act s136
2453 Contact Details for Procurement Manger and IT Manager
2456 Average Waiting Times for NHS MH Referral in Bedfordshire
2457 The Cost of the Liaison Psychiatry Service Provided by ELFT at Homerton Hospital
2460 Contact Details for Director of Medical Education, Education and Training and QI 


2496 Information on Translation Services, Sign Language and Deaf Telephone Services
2498 Car Parking Charges
2500 Recruitment of Nurses
2501 Recruitment of Spiritual Care / Pastoral Care 
2502 Outsourcing Flexible Workforce Management
2505 Total cost of Courier Service Contracts That Were Outsourced
2507 Theft of Drugs by Staff
2508 IT Systems
2509 Names of Consultants Working Within Adult Inpatient Services in Luton
2517 Overseas Patient Charging


2519 The Number of Emergency Psychiatry Assessments
2521 Cook Chill or Cook Freeze Ready Meals 
2522 Number of People Sectioned under the MHA as an Inpatient in Hackney
2524 Number of Patients with Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes
2527 Expected cost of Apprentice Levy to ELFT
2529 Trafficking / Modern Slavery
2530 Transcription, Dictation and Audio Typing Services 
2532 Number of Incidents of Physical Restraint 
2533 Ethnicity of Adult Mental Health Service Users
2540 Name of the Business System used by Human 


2552 Richmond Wellbeing Service – Attempted Suicide or Committed Suicide
2557 Number Employed of Full Time Equivalent Medical Staff
2559 Treatment of Headaches and Chronic Migraines
2561 Cost of NMC-Approved Mentor Preparation Programmes
2565 Long-Stay Inpatient Rehabilitation Units
2567 Policy on the use of Health Apps
2568 Bidding for Public Sector Contracts
2571 Losses and Special Payments
2573 Contact Details of CCIO, IT, COO, Medical and Finance Directors
2577 Adult Community Eating Disorder Service - Bedfordshire and Luton


2580 Average waiting times from referral to assessment in a Tier 2 CAMHS service
2582 The number of Restrictive Interventions recorded for period 2016/17

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