2592 Discharge Medication non ward-level dispensing
2593 Contacts in ICT who Manage Data Cabling Contractors / Framework
2595 How Much did ELFT Spend on Inpatient Beds in Private Psychiatric Hospitals
2596 The Number of Avoidable Deaths within ELFT
2599 Dual Diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes and an Eating Disorder
2603 What Frameworks are used to Source Medical Locum Doctors
2604 Number of referrals to your Mental Health Services
2607 How Many Disposable Drinking Cups has your Trust Purchased 
2608 Do Doctors currently use dictation recorders, Digital Dictation Systems


2620 Which ePMA system (electronic prescribing and medicines administration) does the Trust use
2622 What was the total  income budget for 2017/18
2623 How many of these products were dispensed quarterly in 2015, 2016, 2017
2625 How many incidents have been reported/recorded for a breach of sexual boundaries
2630 How many children aged 11 or under were referred for self-harming
2632 A breakdown by involuntary/voluntary (informal)  number of patients for each borough
2635 What was the locum Physiotherapists in the last financial year
2637 Does your Trust have a Cloud strategy
2644 NHS whistle-blower employment support scheme


2649 What Equality and Diversity training does your Trust provide
2653 Details of all gifts received by medical staffing and clinical directors since May 2017
2655 How much money did the Trust pay into the Nursing Apprenticeship Levy in May 2017
2656 Which electronic records system does your Trust use and when introduced
2662 Contact details for Chief Executive, Senior Finance Manager, Senior Estates/Facilities
2663 Who is the Trust’s current medicines/pharmacy supplier
2664 Who provides the Trust’s Wi-Fi, average annual spend, no of Wi-Fi users
2666 How many medical fridges are used throughout the Trust
2673 Incident and Risk Management – what systems does your Trust use








2873 Number of employees granted a transition to part time working
2874 Hospital facilities; operating theatres, endoscopy suites
2875 Number of people admitted who were homeless or NFA
2877 Nutritional management for Motor Neurone Disease (MND)
2878 Contracts ELFT have relating to IAPT services
2880 Number of children/young people who have died inpatient care
2882 Number of patients complained of electronic/microwave attacks
2883 Number of patients admitted with Various ICD10 Codes
2884 What system of physical intervention training/restraint
2885 Sanitary products for in patients also spend costs
2887 How many procurement staff, recruitment fees
2888 How many children aged 11 or under referred to CAMHS
2891 Contact details: Director Infection Control, Nursing
2892 Sexual Assault Referral Centres (SARCs)
2893 Expenses for Executive Directors and receipts
2894 Which services moved from PbR (payment by Results)
2895 List of all individual teams/services plus names and contact
2896 Accommodation for new starters
2897 Annual spend against given suppliers
2899 Car Parking charges



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