2978 Does the Trust use plain or printed cable ties for waste?
2979 Number of patients detained under Mental Health Act who went AWOL 2012-2018
2980 Number of patient deaths involving ligature points
2981 Champion of Flexible Training
2982 Cost of covering staff settled status application
2983 Training on reporting Phishing emails, disposal of information
2986 Car Parking In-house/contract to third party, charges
2987 Selling of West Beckton health centre or value
2988 EU Settlement Scheme fee for employees - Brexit
2989 Uniform / Workwear supplier
2990 Intensive outpatient treatment - eating disorders
2992 West Beckton Health Centre
2994 Profit from vending machines
2997 Off-payroll legislation Chapter 10 Income Tax
2998 Letter off-payroll from HMRC
2999 Total agency spend with locums/% of vacant locum jobs
3000 How many substantive consultant appointments
3001 Local Area Network (LAN) environment
3003 Digital Dictation / Speech Recognition
3004 Information sharing arrangements
3005 Apprentices and Agency spend
3006 The use of laminators within the Trust
3007 Benchmarking Reports
3008 Number of employees & volunteers under 16, 16-18, over 18
3010 Formal grievances by trust staff
3013 Spend data over £25,000
3014 Procurement Metrics


3017 Smoking Cessation
3024 Charges for services
3033 NICE guidance NG 26 PTSD
3037 How many psychotherapists and counsellors employed by the Trust 
3040 Cyber security 


3072 Incidents caused by estates and infrastructure failure
3073 Number of times pest control has been called out and money spent - 2017/2018 2018/2019
3074 Psychologists and vacancies at Bedford East & West 
3075 Animal-Assisted Therapy used in Trust

3078 Treatment of irregular cornea conditions (not applicable to ELFT)

3079 Trust use of Bank staff

3080 How the Trust reports serious Incidents

3080 a. Trust's response 

3081 All transactions over £25,000 before May 2017

3082 PTSD diagnosis

3084 Information on printers

3085 Number of patients absconded/missing
3086 Buildings with non-fire retardant materials

3087 Reports of infection candida auris (not applicable to ELFT)
3088 Mental health services and training regarding LGBTQ

3088 a. Trust's response
3089 Contact details of team (member) responsible for management of car parks and contracts
3090 Information about changes to fleet from ULEZ

3091 Non disclosure agreements and payments made in last 3 years

3092 Referrals made to mental health services by primary schools

3092 a. Referrals made to mental health services by primary schools

3093 Projects involving the Built Environment, Construction, Consultancy Services or Professional Services (not applicable to ELFT)

3094 Framework contracts relating to the Built Environment

3095 Details of Radiology and Ultrasound diagnostic imaging systems (not applicable to ELFT)

3096 Percentage of people diagnosed on autism spectrum by Tower Hamlets Autism Service in 2018

3097 Referrals to CAMHS services

3097 a. Referrals to CAMHS services  

3098 Financial figures for services (charges to overseas visitors)


3099 Infection prevention
3099 a. Trust's response

3100 Population the Trust serves and number of HCPC psychologists employed

3101 Information on psychiatric beds, costs of treatment, accounts, ECT, number of psychiatrists
3101 a. Audited annual accounts

3101 b. Audited annual accounts
3101 c. Audited annual accounts
3102 Adult neuro-rehabilitation

3103 Out of area inpatient rehabilitation unit 

3104 Orthortic services (not applicable to ELFT)

3106 Burning coal for fuel, electricity, heating - EIRegs

3107 Home births statistics (not applicable to ELFT)
3108 CT and DEXA equipment (not applicable to ELFT)
3109 Intravenous anaesthetic agent (not applicable to ELFT)

3110 FOI/SAR statistics and Legal team information

3111 CPA/UKAS/ISO accreditation for blood tests

3112 IAPT services
3113 Direct engagement for staff and supplier details

3114 Picture Archive and Communications System and Radiology Information System (not applicable to ELFT)
3115 Locum agency doctor spend
3119 Money spent on legal representation over  last five years on inquests

3120 IT infrastructure
3120 a. Trust's response
3122 Patient/general transport policy
3122 a. City and Hackney Patient Transport Department Procedure
3123 Employment by the trust - counter fraud 

3124 Hospital consultants
3124 a. List of Consultants (1)
3125 Number of fraud cases counter fraud team has investigated
3126 Total spend on bank and Agency for the admin and clerical staff group?

3127 Hymen reconstruction surgeries (not applicable to ELFT)
3128 Mental Health Provisions for Suspects

3129 CCTV maintenance
3129 a. CCTV information
3130 International recruitment

3131 Procurement methods
3131 a. Trust's response
3132 Estates and strategy plan & CEO post
3132 a. Spreadsheet - DA3132 (1)
3133 Budgets, payroll headcount and performance out-turns

3134 Hospital appointment cancellations 

3136 Disabled staff members & parking facilities 


3105 Mental health transport service providers   

3137 Number of patient homicides

3138 Staffing levels

3139 Cost and cost recovery of charging overseas visitors

3141 Cigarettes and smoking services

3141 a. Nicotine Management Policy

3141 b. NRT Expenditure issues

3142 Social media & policies

3142 a. Social Media Policy

3143 Trust use of the Mental Health Act and implementation

3144 Number of people seen by adult Mental Health Services in the past year

3144 a. Number of people seen by adult Mental Health Services in the past year

3145 Rostering software

3147 Hospitals East London NHS Foundation Trust manage

3148 Number of staff members that have been harassed/bullied/abused and NDAs

3149 Legal fees on employment tribunal cases on discrimination, unfair dismissal and public interest disclosure

3150 Benchmarking and clinical coding suppliers 

3151 List of hospitals which have a specialist stroke unit (not applicable to ELFT)

3152 Ultrasound machines (not applicable to ELFT)

3153 Number of people that have declared Asperger/Autism Spectrum Condition diagnosis

3154 Telephone system maintenance contract

3155 Use of pen and paper for patient records and analogue tape dictation

3156 Salary sacrifice and lease car schemes

3157 Trust use of RPA/IA

3158 Agency & bank staff

3159 Audio recordings of appointments/consultations

3159 a. Audio Visual Recording Policy


3160 Software contracts

3161 Mental health support offered to staff and costs 

3161 a. CiC information

3162 Mental health nurses employed by the Trust

3165 CAMHS age threshold for OCD

3166 Figures on chaplaincy support by recorded religion/belief

3167 Instant messaging by clinicians

3168 Number of safeguarding alerts raised

3169 Unaccompanied asylum-seeking children

3170 ICT strategy and business plan

3170 a. Digital strategy 2019 - 2022

3170 b. IT project Office

3170 c. IT project Office (1)

3170 d. Clinical systems team structure

3170 e. Informatics organisational chart

3170 f. IT annual plan and capital projects

3171 Community treatment orders

3172 Staffing and Brexit

3173 Companies who are contracted to provide catering services

3174 Disabled staff and equipment

3175 Domestic abuse

3176 Referrals to CAMHS services

3177 Number of Percutaneous Coronary Intervention carried out in adults (not applicable to ELFT)

3178 Expenditure for Office of Corporate Affairs Financial years & salary overpayments

3178 a. Salary overpayments

3179 Number of prisoners prescribed medication for mental health issues

3181 Learning Management System

3182 Learning Development Agreement contract

3183 Maintenance, repairs and servicing of medical devices

3239 ECT information

3239 a. ECT consent form

3239 b. ECT leaflet

3239 c. Montgomery-Åsberg Depression Rating Scale

3239 d. Mini mental state examination

3239. e. Nine symptom checklist


3163 Patient deaths and out of area placements

3184 X-ray machines, MRI scanner, CT scanner etc. (not applicable to ELFT)

3185 Musculoskeletal (MSK) services

3186 Hospital water and sewage leaks

3187 Number of policies the trust has

3188 Clinical leads

3189  Physical assaults on staff

3189 a. Physical assaults on staff

3190  Patients with clinically assisted nutrition and hydration (not applicable to ELFT)

3191 2014/15 Learning Development Agreement (LDA) contract

3193 Total spent on bank & agency staff - Direct Engagement

3194 Management structure, costs and CAMHS

3194 a. Organisational Structure 

3195 Operating theatres in the Trust (not applicable to ELFT)

3196 Job titles in Trust

3197 Software contracts

3197 a. Clinical systems structure

3197 b. Organisational structure

3198 Specialist adult diabetes multi-disciplinary teams  

3199 Private patient beds and private treatments

3201 Training and materials on exclusions to charging and safeguarding

3201 a. Overseas visitors guidance

3202  Cedar House

3203 Health Records digitisation

3204 CAMHS & IAPT referral criteria

3205 Spend/Transparency data - July 2019
3206 Private Finance Initiative contract
3207 Management structure chart
3207 a. Organisational structure chart
3209 Part time roles in the Trust
3209 a. Part time jobs
3211 Pension tax relief and fund contributions
3212 Inductions of labour (not applicable to ELFT)
3213 Policy for MHA and DoLS
3213 a. Deprivation of Liberty Policy
3213 b. MHA instructions section 12
3214 Spend on "Hello my name is..." badges to staff members


3216 Spend on translation services
3217 MFD printer contract
3218 Modern slavery survey
3219 Trust staff roles that have retired and returned on a part-time basis
3220 Cleaning provider contract
3221 Mixed sex wards and incidents
3221 a. Mixed sex accommodation
3222 Framework portals
3223 Robotic process automation
3224 Chief Executive correspondence with NHS Trust Board of Directors
3225 Food wastage

3226 Outsources patient communications and staff broadcasts
3227 Patients admitted to Newham Centre for Mental Health
3228 Laboratories and laboratory staff (not applicable to ELFT)
3229 Autologous cell salvage in obstetric units (not applicable to ELFT)
3230 Details of patient record integration/sharing
3231 Delivery of adult or children’s community services
3231 a. Trust response
3232 Brexit planning
3233 Clinical coding used for  neurological diseases
3234 Clinical audit strategy and quality improvement policies
3235 Psychiatric Decision Units
3235 a. Trust response
3236 CIO details
3236 a. Trust response
3237 Representatives sent abroad to recruit international staff for the trust
3238 Abortion pills taken by patients (not applicable to ELFT)
3240 Finance costs  incurred in complying with the EU exit operational readiness guidance
3241 Directors of Estates/Capital Planning
3242 Computer on Wheels/ Workstations on Wheels contracts
3243 Deaths due to malnutrition (not applicable to ELFT)


3244 Patient records and digitisation
3244 a. Trust response

3245 Agenda for change banding for executive staff members
3245 a. Medical organisational chart
3245 b. Nursing organisational chart
3245 c. Community nurse job description
3245 d. Community nurse person specification 

3246 Dementia diagnosis and detention under MHA
3247 PALS team

3247 a. Complaints team manger JD/PS

3247 b. PALS & complaints officer JD/PS

3247 c. PALS & complaints administrator JD/PS

3247 d. Complaints officer JD/PS
3248 Head of information governance job role

3250 Haven model, medical and social models and abolishing MH Act

3251 Staffing levels for the 7 inpatient wards at City and Hackney Centre for Mental Health
3251 a. Staffing levels
3252 Hip and knee replacements recorded under the consultant-led referral-to-treatment category (not applicable to ELFT)
3253 Serious incidents and data breaches
3254 Ransomware attacks

3255 Agency spend and permanent vacancies
3256 Vending machines
3257 Subcontractors for building work/i.t. infrastructure (cabling, telecoms)

3258 Nurses eligibility to care for Clozapine patients

3259 CAMHS - conduct disorders & child protection orders
3259a. Adolescent to Adult transition policy

3260 Suicide Prevention policy & Crisis Team's operational policies
3260 a. Crisis Line Trust wide Policy
3260 b. Crisis Line Operational Policy
3260 c. Competency Framework 

3263 Number of registered users served by the Wheelchair Service
3264 SIRO, DPO and Caldicott Guardian details

3265 Orthotics or surgical appliance service

3266 Suppliers - IR35 compliance and agency shifts
3267 Telephony/Communications

3269 Average waiting time for patients with depression, hearing voices, self-harm and suicidal thoughts
3269a. ELFT response
3270 Pregnancy and homelessness (not applicable to ELFT)
3272 CCG restrictions on treatments based on smoking status

3273 Patients and number of restraints

3274 Use of mediation in whistleblowing disputes
3275 Hospital food

3277 Public health funerals
3281 Voting rights for service users policy
3281a. Voting rights guidance
3282 Disciplinary procedures for doctors under the Maintaining High Professional Standards (MHPS) framework
3282a. MHPS policy

3283 Therapy for the management of dementia 



3276 Independent sector mental health provision
3276a. Request document

3279 Management structure, costs and CAMHS
3279a. ELFT response
3280 S2 MHA and s3 MHA detentions on the hospital wards

3284 Fatigue and Facilities Charter

3286 Cases where the Court has had to intervene in the treatment of a critically ill child

3287 IT Service Management and Desktops ITAM trends
3288 Agency staff & Apprenticeships
3290 Telecare Monitoring
3291 Non-emergency patient transport services

3292 Has Adderall ever been issued to an NHS patient?
3293 HR structure chart
3293 a. Management structure chart
3293 b. HealthRoster structure chart
3293 c. Liaison & Diversion structure chart

3293 d. Medical education structure chart
3293 e. Medical staffing structure chart
3293 f. People information team structure chart 
3293 g. Resourcing structure chart

3293a HR structure chart
3294 Cancer services and nursing usage (not applicable to ELFT)
3295 Procurement Strategies and G Cloud

3296 IT solution for order communications and results reporting
3298 Clinical decision support systems

3299 Electronic Patient Record, clinical systems and staff
3299 a. Digital strategy
3300 Dedicated lone worker device
3301 Web Filtering Solution

3302 Use of surgical robots (not applicable to ELFT)

3303 CAMHS out of area placements (OAPs)
3304 Eating disorder clinic referrals
3304a. Trust response
3307 Dementia diagnosis and section 117 aftercare services

3308 Appointment cancellation figures CAMHS
3309 MHA committee report
3309a. MHA committee report
3310 Haemostasis & Thrombosis Service (not applicable to ELFT)
3311 Outpatient Pharmacy service

3312 ECT statistics 2010-2019
3313 Guidelines on managing and treating drug or opiate dependent patients
3313a. Guidelines for treating opiate dependence on the ward
3314 Details of Heads of Service and Directors
3315 Trust estate contracts/tenancies and food retail



3050a Trust telephone lines

3316 Evaluations of ambulance street triage service

3319 Places of safety
3319 a. Place of safety policy
3320 Trust computers and windows xp/7
3321 Demand side response agreements
3322 Liaison Psychiatry Referral Policy
3322 a. Homerton HPM Operational Policy
3322 b. Mental Health Liaison Service Operational Policy
3322 c. PLS Operational policy

3323 Information governance (SARs, DPIAs, training, breaches, policies)

3323 a. Basic mandatory IG training 2018-19
3323 b. Draft SAR response letter
3323 c. Information Governance and IMT Security Policy
3323 d. Five Year Plan  -Energy, Sustainability and Waste

3324 Pregnant women declared homeless (not applicable to ELFT)

3325 Collaborative bank

3326 Master Vendor

3327 Insourcing services (not applicable to ELFT)
3328 Policies on employment of businesses or private individuals

3329 Subject access requests and employees
3328 a. Standards of Business Conduct policy

3331 Telephony systems
3332 Catering procurement activities

3333 Hospital buildings managed by the Trust
3334 Human Resources - processing of organisation staff
3336 Coding and activity
3337 Mobile phone contracts
3339 Patients under 18 detained in hospital under the 1983 Act

3340 Carbon footprints, staff and energy consumption

3346 Policies and procedures of the information governance an

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