2978 Does the Trust use plain or printed cable ties for waste?
2979 Number of patients detained under Mental Health Act who went AWOL 2012-2018
2980 Number of patient deaths involving ligature points
2981 Champion of Flexible Training
2982 Cost of covering staff settled status application
2983 Training on reporting Phishing emails, disposal of information
2986 Car Parking In-house/contract to third party, charges
2987 Selling of West Beckton health centre or value
2988 EU Settlement Scheme fee for employees - Brexit
2989 Uniform / Workwear supplier
2990 Intensive outpatient treatment - eating disorders
2992 West Beckton Health Centre
2994 Profit from vending machines
2997 Off-payroll legislation Chapter 10 Income Tax
2998 Letter off-payroll from HMRC
2999 Total agency spend with locums/% of vacant locum jobs
3000 How many substantive consultant appointments
3001 Local Area Network (LAN) environment
3003 Digital Dictation / Speech Recognition
3004 Information sharing arrangements
3005 Apprentices and Agency spend
3006 The use of laminators within the Trust
3007 Benchmarking Reports
3008 Number of employees & volunteers under 16, 16-18, over 18
3010 Formal grievances by trust staff
3013 Spend data over £25,000
3014 Procurement Metrics



3017 Smoking Cessation
3024 Charges for services
3033 NICE guidance NG 26 PTSD
3037 How many psychotherapists and counsellors employed by the Trust 
3040 Cyber security 




3072 Incidents caused by estates and infrastructure failure
3073 Number of times pest control has been called out and money spent - 2017/2018 2018/2019
3074 Psychologists and vacancies at Bedford East & West 
3075 Animal-Assisted Therapy used in Trust
3079 Trust use of Bank staff
3081 All transactions over £25,000 before May 2017
3084 Information on printers
3085 Number of patients absconded/missing
3086 Buildings with non-fire retardant materials
3089 Contact details of team (member) responsible for management of car parks and contracts
3090 Information about changes to fleet from ULEZ
3096 Percentage of people diagnosed on autism spectrum by Tower Hamlets Autism Service in 2018




3100 Population the Trust serves and number of HCPC psychologists employed
3102 Adult neuro-rehabilitation
3106 Burning coal for fuel, electricity, heating - EIRegs
3110 FOI/SAR statistics and Legal team information
3111 CPA/UKAS/ISO accreditation for blood tests
3112 IAPT services
3113 Direct engagement for staff and supplier details
3115 Locum agency doctor spend
3119 Money spent on legal representation over  last five years on inquests
3123 Employment by the trust - counter fraud 
3125 Number of fraud cases counter fraud team has investigated
3126 Total spend on bank and Agency for the admin and clerical staff group?
3128 Mental Health Provisions for Suspects
3130 International recruitment
3133 Budgets, payroll headcount and performance out-turns
3136 Disabled staff members & parking facilities 


3137 Number of patient homicides
3138 Staffing levels
3145 Rostering software
3147 Hospitals East London NHS Foundation Trust manage
3156 Salary sacrifice and lease car schemes
3157 Trust use of RPA/IA



3162 Mental health nurses employed by the Trust

3165 CAMHS age threshold for OCD

3167 Instant messaging by clinicians

3169 Unaccompanied asylum-seeking children

3171 Community treatment orders

3172 Staffing and Brexit

3174 Disabled staff and equipment

3179 Number of prisoners prescribed medication for mental health issues

3183 Maintenance, repairs and servicing of medical devices

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