3341 G4S services
3342 Contract data for services around facilities management
3343 Thromboembolism protocol
3344 A&E cases re swallowing foreign objects (not applicable to ELFT)
3345 Trust Board Secretary details
3345 a. Associate Director of Corporate Governance JD
3349 Number of condoms received by the Trust
3351 Eating disorder service
3352 Smoking on Trust premises, AWOL incidents
3352a Number of AWOL incidents
3353 Consultant PAs
3354 Details of person responsible for management of paper and digital health records
3355 Sodium chloride 5%
3356 Medical & Dental Junior doctor training posts
3356 a. Trust response
3357 Care Programme Approach Policy
3358 Surplus medical devices contract
3359 OPEL - Level 4  declaration
3360 Simulation for Training of Consultants, Doctors, Nurses, or trainees / students
3362 Swab management and disposal system in the operating theatres (not applicable to ELFT)
3363 Calibration/service maintenance records for the ECT machines
3365 Employment of learning disabilities nurses
3365 a. JD Band 5 learning disability nurse
3365 b. JD Band 6 learning disability nurse
3365 c. JD Band 7 learning disability nurse
3368 Number of unlawful detentions under the Mental Health Act
3369 G4S employees in ELFT
3371 Speech and Language Therapy
3374 Royal College Report
3374 a. Trust response
3375 C-Arm provision (not applicable to ELFT)


3348 Average waiting time for patient with mental illness involving depression, hearing voices, self-harm and suicidal thoughts
3353a Consultant PAs
3378 Policies on same sex couples seeking fertility/surrogacy (not applicable to ELFT)
3379 Number of patients that received an iron infusion (not applicable to ELFT)
3381 Number of staff, costs, agency hours and spend
3384 Locum spend in the AHP/HSS division for Echocardiographers (not applicable to ELFT)
3385 Complaints from January 2017 - 2020 by patients and the names of the mental health centres
3389 General anaesthesia paediatric dental waiting times  (not applicable to ELFT)
3391 Number of patients treated for Ulcerative colitis and crohns disease (not applicable to ELFT)
3392 Number of consultant grade doctors undertaking independent ERCP in endoscopy units (not applicable to ELFT)
3394 Contracted out soft FM
3396 Coding and treatment of knee injuries (not applicable to ELFT)
3397 Complaints regarding drug offences
3399 Cognitive behavioural therapy for people with Parkinson's

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