3344 A&E cases re swallowing foreign objects (not applicable to ELFT)
3345 Trust Board Secretary details
3345 a. Associate Director of Corporate Governance JD
3349 Number of condoms received by the Trust
3351 Eating disorder service
3352 Smoking on Trust premises, AWOL incidents
3352a Number of AWOL incidents
3353 Consultant PAs
3354 Details of person responsible for management of paper and digital health records
3355 Sodium chloride 5%
3356 Medical & Dental Junior doctor training posts
3356 a. Trust response
3357 Care Programme Approach Policy
3358 Surplus medical devices contract
3359 OPEL - Level 4  declaration
3360 Simulation for Training of Consultants, Doctors, Nurses, or trainees / students
3362 Swab management and disposal system in the operating theatres (not applicable to ELFT)
3363 Calibration/service maintenance records for the ECT machines
3365 Employment of learning disabilities nurses
3365 a. JD Band 5 learning disability nurse
3365 b. JD Band 6 learning disability nurse
3365 c. JD Band 7 learning disability nurse



3246a Dementia diagnosis and detention under MHA (Central Bedfordshire only)
3307a Dementia diagnosis and section 117 aftercare services (central Bedfordshire only)
3361 Incidents involving physical or sexual violence by patients against NHS staff
3361 a. Trust response
3367 Referrals to outpatient adult mental health services
3377 Admissions to mental health beds from Bedford Health Locality
3380 Average waiting times for DBT, CBT, family therapy and dynamic psychotherapy
3382 Structure charts for Mental Health Services
3383 Number of people with autism spectrum disorder referred
3386 Smoking in mental health centres
3386 a. Incidents involving illicit drugs
3386 b. Disposal of Illicit Drugs and Alcohol Policy
3386 c. Nicotine Management Policy
3386 d. Safe Environment and Search Policy
3387 Mental health centres and cannabis-derived medicines
3387 a. Trust response
3393 Room decontamination
3393 a. Infection Prevention and Control Policy Manual
3395 Bank workers
3397a Complaints regarding drug offences
3400 Number of people with autism spectrum disorder referred
3400 a. Trust response
3401 Ophthalmic surgery (not applicable to ELFT)
3402 Food for patients, meals and malnutrition
3402 a. Trust response
3404 Perioperative practitioners (not applicable to ELFT)
3404 a. Request
3405 Rapid tranquillisation policy and physical health policy
3405 a. Physical Healthcare Policy
3405 b. Rapid Tranquillisation Policy
3406 Number of people who have had hymenoplasty (not applicable to ELFT)
3408 Impact of poverty on children's mental health
3409 Trac Systems e-recruitment software system
3412 Guidance on third party referrals
3412 a. Admission, Transfer and Discharge Policy
3413 Spend on junior doctors - locum & agency




3473 Complaints against Luton Wellbeing Service (not applicable to ELFT)
3482 CCG Out of area placements (not applicable to ELFT)


3477 ECT
3477a ECT
3488 Waiting List Initiative (not applicable to ELFT)
3500 Surgery staff (not applicable to ELFT)
3505 Clinical Benchmarking Supplier (not applicable to ELFT)


3453a Appendix 
3515 CAMHS Talking Therapies (not applicable to ELFT)
3530 Orthodontist Services (not applicable to ELFT)
3533 Insulin Pumps (not applicable to ELFT)


3535 Reverse mentoring (not applicable to ELFT)
3542 Job Planning (not applicable to ELFT)
3550 Impact of health visiting on health outcomes (not applicable to ELFT)
3556 Endoscopy machines and maintenance (not applicable to ELFT)
3560 Endoscopy (not applicable to ELFT)


3584 Cataract procedures (not applicable to ELFT)
3586 Neurological rehabilitation (not applicable to ELFT)
3587 Admissions and deaths re heart attacks (not applicable to ELFT)
3589 Updated - Average length of stay
3590 Tier 3 Weight Management Service (not applicable to ELFT)
3598 Cataracts and Capsulotomy (not applicable to ELFT)
3599 Allergy services (not applicable to ELFT)
3601 Locum Echocardiographers (not applicable to ELFT)
3611 Adult autopsies (not applicable to ELFT)


3617 Endoscopy (not applicable to ELFT)

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