Accessible Information and Communication Support Guidance
Admission, Transfer and Discharge Policy
Advance Decision To Refuse Treatment policy 4.0

Management of Allegations against Staff Policy 3.0.pdf

Anaphylaxis Recognition & Treatment Policy 1.0

CPA Policy 1.3.pdf
CAMHS Transition to Adult Mental Health Services Policy
Clinical Data Quality Policy
Clinical Risk Assessment and Management Policy 5.0
Clinical Guidelines for Staff Acting as Chaperones

Clinical Record Keeping Policy 1.0

Community Treatment Order Policy 1.5.pdf


Community Adult Urinary Catheter Insertion and Management Policy
Consent To Treatment Policy 5.5
COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Control policy 3.0.

NHS COVID-19 Vaccine handling and management policy 1.0
Policy for Dealing with Disposal of Illicit Drugs and Alcohol

Local Access/Did Not Attend Policies
Localised services operate individual Local Access/Did Not Attend policies in line with a framework set by local NHS commissioners. Please contact local services to get a copy of their Local Access/Did Not Attend policy. You can find the contact details in our online service directory here or call the ELFT switchboard on 020 7655 4000

DNAWNB Policy CYP-CAMHS 5.0.pdf
Did Not Attend (DNA) Adults - to be added

Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards Policy 1.4.pdf
Dignity in Care at the End of Life - Practice Guidance 
Door Locking Policy
Dual Diagnosis Policy
Dysphagia Policy 1.4
E-Cigarette Policy 
ECT Policy
End of Life Care

First Tier Tribunal Policy 2.5.pdf
Hospital Managers Power of Discharge Policy 4.10.pdf

Incident Policy (December 2021)

Infection Prevention and Control Policy Manual
Infection Prevention and Control protocol for Bed Management and Movement of Patients

Interpreter Booking Guidance for Newham Language Shop - click here
Interpreting Guidelines for Psychiatric Assessment - Bengali
Interpreting Guidelines for Psychiatric Assessment - Somali
Interpreting Guidelines for Psychiatric Assessment - Sylheti
Interpreting Guidelines for Psychiatric Assessment - Protocol for New Translations
Interpreting Guidelines for Psychiatric Assessment - Template for Proposing New Translations

Job Planning Policy 

Leave for Informal Patients Policy 1.5.pdf
Local Resuscitation Protocol City & Hackney
Local Resuscitation Protocol Forensics
Local Resuscitation Protocol Newham
Local Resuscitation Protocol Tower Hamlets
Local Resuscitation Protocol Wolfson House
Long term segregation policy
Medicines Policy 
Mental Capacity Act Policy 1.2.pdf
Mental Health Law Supplementary Policy 1.2
Missing and Absent Without Leave Policy
Mobile Phones Policy for Service Users and Visitors 
Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA) Policy
Medical Device Policy

Nicotine Management Policy 

Observation Policy 6.0
On-Call Handover City & Hackney Core Trainees
On Call Handover Protocol Middle Grade Doctors
On-Call Handover Protocol Newham Core Trainee
On-Call Handover Protocol Tower Hamlets Core Trainee

Physical Healthcare Policy 14.1
Policy for the Administration of Intravenous Medication
Policy on the Use of Physical Holding Skills
Policy on Undertaking Private Practice and Fee Paying Work
Policy And Guidance For Using Bed Rails Safely and Effectively
Preceptorship Policy
Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Management

Procedure for Managing Sudden Unexpected or Near Death of a Patient 2.0

Rapid Tranquilisation Policy 

Responsible Clinician and Nominated Deputy Policy 

Resuscitation Policy
AED Sign For Services
Management of a Medical Emergency

Resuscitation Algorithms
Adult Basic Life Support
Adult Choking
Paediatric Basic Life Support
Paediatric choking

ELFT Safeguarding Adults Supervision Policy 1.0
Safeguarding Adults Policy and Procedures
Safeguarding Children Policies - click here
Same Sex Accommodation (DSSA) Policy 2.0.pdf
Seclusion Policy 9.0.pdf
Supervision Policy 
Section 117 Policy 2.3.pdf
Section 135 and 136 Place of Safety Policy 2.5.pdf
Slips, Trips and Falls Policy (Inpatients)


Stratford Mass Vaccination Hub Standard Operating Procedures 9.0

Telehealth Policy - June 2015 (V3 0).pdf
Transcranial Doppler Ultrasound Scan: Stroke Screening for children with sickle cell disease
Transfer and Discharge Protocol
Transgender Inpatients Policy 2.0
Transition from Child and Adolescent Mental Health to Adult Mental Health Services Policy
Tribunal Policy (First Tier Mental Health)

Venepuncture Policy 3.0.pdf

Venous Thromboembolism Reducing Risk 3.1.pdf

Wound Management Clinical Guidelines</A%

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