These policies apply to Community Health Newham only

Due to the integration of Community Services Newham there are a number of policies in use within that directorate that do not apply to other directorates of the Trust. These policies have been adopted by the Trust and will continue to be used by Community Services Newham.

Clinical Policies (CHN) 
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Accelerated Discharge Policy
Acupuncture Guidelines
Asymptomatic STI Testing Protocol

Babies Born to Hepititis B Surface Antigen Positive Women Procedures
Bed Side Policy

Continuing Care Policy CHN

Care Plan Policy 
Catheterisation Policy
Cazaubon Unit Operational Policy 
Chaperone Policy
Community Children's Nursing Service Operational Policy 
Community Paediatrics Dietetics Team (CCNS) Clinical Operational Policy 

Diana Children's Community Team Operational Policy
Dignity in Care at the End of Life

Enteral Feeding Policy (Naso-Gastric Tube Feeding) - Adults and Paediatrics
Equipment Cleaning Procedure

Policy For Administration of Intravenous Medication
Procedure for the Safe Management of Patient's Own Controlled Drugs in the Domiciliary Setting
Procedure for Hearing Tests
Procedure for the preparation and attendance at Child Protection Conferences and other Child Protection meetings
Protocol for Administration of Insulin by HCAs
Protocol for Immunisation
Pulmonary Rehabilitation Protocol

Right From The Start Guidance and Procedure 
Restorative Supervision Policy 
Checklist for Restorative Supervision Policy

Antenatal Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia Screening Policy 
Syringe Driver Policy

Transfer and Discharge Protocol for Community Health Services 

Venepuncture Policy
Venous Thromboembolism Risk Assessment Procedure

Clinical Governance & Risk Management (CHN) 
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Epilepsy Operational Procedures 

Key Working Operational Procedure

Lone Worker Procedure CHN
Lone Worker Protocol EPCT

Operational Policy East Ham Care Centre
Out Of Hours Procedure 

Extended Primary Care Team
EPCT (Extended Primary Care Team) Management Control Systems Manual
EPCT Treatment Plans
Extended Primary Care Team & Virtual Ward Operational Policy
Extended Primary Care Services Operational Policy 

Information Governance and Record Keeping (CHN) 
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Procedure for the Notification and Dissemination of Information Regarding a Child Death - Newham
Electronic Record Keeping And Management Procedure CHN

Medicines (CHN) 
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Administration of Medicines By Nursing Staff Policy
Cold Chain Policy
Joint Policy for Medicines Reference in Treament of Children

Safeguarding Children (CHN) 
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Health of Looked After Children Policy
Management of Sex and / or Violent Offenders
Procedure for Preparation and Attendance at Child Protection Conferences
Procedure for Action With Regard to No Access visits, failed contact and refusal of services
Procedure for the Change of Health Professional
Procedure for Transfer of Child Health Records where there are Safeguarding Concerns  
Protocol for Child Protection Supervision  
Management of Emergency Department /Urgent Care Notification Protocol

Training (CHN) 
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Training Non Nursing Staff In Admin of Emergency Medication for Prolonged Seizures in Epilepsy  </< body></< body></< body></< body></< body></

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