Quality of care is our top priority. It is at the forefront of all that we do and is firmly embodied in our mission to provide the highest quality mental health and community care in England by 2020.

Being the very best requires continual improvement – always seeking to do things better. Sometimes it involves fundamental change in the way things are done, with everyone working together sharing the same passion and commitment.

Our strategy takes a whole-organisation approach to quality improvement, and is built on experience and best practice from healthcare organisations and systems across the globe.

Delivering our mission will rely on:

  • supporting our front-line staff to work in partnership with service users and carers, and providing them with the skills and freedom to innovate and test out ideas which could make a real difference. We will generate  support to hundreds of quality improvement projects at the front-line, measuring their impact and spreading those ideas that have been shown to improve quality of care.
  • ensuring that our teams are focused on the aspects of care that are of most importance to our service users, and supporting them to stop activity that is of less value
  • embedding a culture of listening to our staff, service users and their families in our efforts to continuously improve our services.


Quality improvement plan for 18-19


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