Each year we set objectives to focus everyone’s efforts and to help us keep true to our vision of making a positive difference to people's lives. Our current objectives are to:

  • Ensure the meaningful participation of service users, their carers and families in shaping their care in terms of the way it is provided and how we can develop services into the future. 
  • Improve the quality of our community and inpatient services.
  • Develop a highly skilled, motivated and culturally capable workforce.
  • Maximise learning opportunities for all staff, provide high quality teaching and training, and remain a centre of excellence for research.
  • Make the best use of our resources, improve performance and develop the quality of information and IT systems to deliver the best possible services.
  • Develop existing and new partnerships to promote social inclusion for all our patients.
  • Continue the emphasis on avoiding the need for hospital admission and extending the options for out-of-hospital care so that people remain as independent as possible.

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