To help service users and carers find more information on mental and physical health, the Trust publishes patient information leaflets. When you click on the link you can download a leaflet. Here we are also publishing links to useful expert websites for more information.

If you need a leaflet regarding a specific service that the Trust provides please go to the Services section of our website and look it up under the specific service.


Carer's Pack
Carer's leaflet for City and Hackney
Carer's leaflet for Newham
Carer's leaflet for Tower Hamlets
Young carer's resource pack
Getting involved with the Trust as a carer or service user

Easy Read

Easy Read - Guide to Taking Medicine for Behaviour Problems (published by University of Birmingham, Mencap, Royal College of Psychiatrists)

If you are concerned for yourself or for another person who is at risk of harm or being neglected, report it. Read the Easy Read leaflet for your borough.

Easy Read - City Safeguarding

Easy Read - Hackney Safeguarding

Easy Read - Luton Safeguarding

Easy Read - Newham Safeguarding

Easy Read - Richmond Safeguarding

Easy Read - Tower Hamlets Safeguarding

Are you unhappy about the way we have looked after you? Please tell us. The leaflet explains how. No one will be cross or upset with you. We want to improve how we look after people.

Easy Read - Complaints


Emergency Out of Hours Contact Numbers
Self Harm Help

Fight Abuse

Say No to Abuse, English
Say No to Abuse, Chinese
Say No to Abuse, Bengali

Keeping Well and Healthy

Extreme Weather Advice - How to be prepared for extreme hot or cold weather, in particular regarding alcohol and drugs abuse and mental ill health

Looking after yourself, getting mentally fit
Smokefree in East London
Vitamin D information


Focus on Your Medicines

Mental Health

Royal College of Psychiatrists Mental Health leaflets - A broad range of mental health conditions and their treatment explained. Also available in other languages and scripts.

Information about mental health conditions for people with learning difficulties - from the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

Outpatients with Learning Difficulties

Welcome Booklet for Outpatients with Learning Difficulties

Patients' Rights

Advance Directive for Mental Health - booklet with forms
An advance directive is a way for service users to make their views known before a crisis, when they may be unable to make informed choices. 

NHS Continuing Healthcare and NHS-funded Nursing Care

How to make a comment complaint leaflet (green)
How to make a comment complaint leaflet (blue) for Community Health Newham users

Legal Rights of Informal Patients
An informal patient is someone who is not detained under the 1983 Mental Health Act.

Patients who are detained under the Mental Health Act 1983 are sometimes known as 'formal' patients. Formal patients have different rights.
Click here for more on Mental Health Law
Click here for leaflets on Mental Health Law in English and other languages

PALS Leaflet Bedford
PALS Leaflet Luton

Complaints A5 Bedford
Complaints A5 ELFT
Complaints A5 Luton

Welcome Packs - Admitted to a Trust Hospital

Welcome Pack - City & Hackney
Welcome Pack - Newham
Welcome Pack - Tower Hamlets

Welcome Booklet for Inpatients with Learning Disabilities

Closed Circuit TV (CCTV)

MRSA Screening

Same Sex Accommodation in the Trust

Your Records and You

Your Records and You Bedford
Your Records and You ELFT
Your Records and You Luton

Your Records and You - Arabic - text only
Your Records and You - Bengali - leaflet
Your Records and You - Bengali - text only
Your Records and You - Polish - leaflet
Your Records and You - Polish - text only
Your Records and You - Portuguese - leaflet
Your Records and You - Portuguese - text only
Your Records and You - Punjabi - leaflet
Your Records and You - Punjabi - text only
Your Records and You - Somali - leaflet
Your Records and You - Somali - text only
Your Records and You - Tamil - leaflet
Your Records and You - Tamil - text only
Your Records and You - Turkish - leaflet
Your Records and You - Turkish - text only

Ramadan leaflets

Ramadan, a guide to healthy fasting
Keeping Healthy in Ramadan, English/Bengali
Keeping Healthy in Ramadan, English/Somali
Keeping Healthy in Ramadan, English/Turkish
Keeping Healthy in Ramadan, English/Urdu

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