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This blog series looks at a day in the life of different staff around the Trust. Every month we will showcase a different staff member giving an account of an average day in their service.  Stay tuned as we explore the range of services across the Trust from child speech and language therapy, sickle cell service, palliative care and inpatient mental health treatment. 

A Day in the Life of....Dr James Smith, an Intellectual Disabilities Psychiatrist

Dr Smith rarely has a rarely has a typical day. Working with a diverse range of people in unique settings makes every day different. He is passionate about his work and the potential that people with learning disabilities and making a change. 

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A Day in the Life of ... Jose Harris, a RiO Trainer

Jose Harris says she has the best job in the world. She relishes supporting colleagues in developing their skills to make the most of technology to support the clinical care of service users

Find out more about a typical day for a RiO Trainer

A Day in the Life of ...  Communications Manager, Janet Flaherty

Janet Flaherty describes a busy day whizzing around Bedfordshire and Luton whilst staying on top of the day to day work back at the office in London; trying to ensure the public and staff get the information they need in interesting ways.

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A Day in the Life of an ... Occupational Therapist, Felicity Bowden

Felicity Bowden explains how occupational therapy aims to emphasize the strengths someone already has, maximize these and then, through intervention, to minimize the barriers they may be experiencing to be able to get on with their life.

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A Day in the Life of ... Fran Colley, Tower Hamlets Care Navigator

Fran Colley has been a Senior Care Navigator in Tower Hamlets for 14 years supporting people who have long term health conditions and helping them manage their own care and support them when things become overwhelming.

Find out more about how Care Navigators help people to cope with their health and social needs ...

A Day in the Life of ... Jay Sooruyah, Podiatrist

Jay Sooruyah is a senior podiatrist in the busy Foot Health service in Newham. The service sees all age groups from 5 years old to the very elderly for specialist foot care. Their focus is on the management of foot conditions, prevention of complications, and identifying and acting on significant deterioration.  

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A Day in the Life of ... Karen Weir, Social Worker/Operation Lead, Court Liaison and Diversion Service

Karen Weir is a Social Worker in the Bedfordshire and Luton Court Diversion Team. She and her colleagues are based in Police stations in the county. The team assess people who have been arrested to identify mental health issues and advise the police and the courts. They aim to address health and social care needs and channel people to relevant services to to reduce the risk of further offending behaviour. They can support the detainee as they are processed safely through the criminal justice system to attain a fair criminal justice outcome. 
Find out more about an average day for Karen ...

A Day in the Life of ... Vicky Rodrigues, CAMHS Nurse

Vicky Rodrigues works as a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Nurse. Her team see young people who are struggling with their emotions, behaviour, self esteem and modern day social pressures. And parents who feel out of control, worried about their child, and who feel they are failing at parenting. Unhappy families the team's speciality but by listening and providing a safe space, they can quickly turn it around. Read more about Vicky's role here

A Day in the Life of ... Adam Thornton, Psychiatric Liaison Nurse

Adam Thornton, works as a Psychiatry Liaison Nurse in the A&E department at Homerton University Hospital. The Psychiatric Liaison Team is available 24 hours a day all year round. They undertake mental health assessments of people who present in the A&E department with mental health issues, dementia/delirium or substance misuse problems. They also support inpatients at Homerton University Hospital who have mental health issues in addition to the physical health issues which they are in hospital for. Read his full entry here 

A Day in the Life of ... Sarah Roche, Mental Health Nurse - Street Triage Team

'I’ve been nursing in mental health for around 16 years now in a number of different roles. We enter people’s lives when they are at their lowest, their most unwell and their most vulnerable. It is the most rewarding job that I’ve ever done. However, it’s also incredibly hard emotionally ....' Read full entry here