Patient Involvement



At the Trust, we pride ourselves on how patients and carers are involved in shaping, delivering and improving our services . We have won a number of  awards for this and are developing a strong reputation nationally. So I was delighted to have the opportunity last month to invite Jeremy Taylor to spend some time with us. Jeremy is Chief Executive of National Voices, the leading coalition of UK health and social care charities and a powerful advocate for patient- centred care and service user involvement.

Tsana Rawson, along with colleagues from the Quality Improvement  (QI), patient participation teams and service users put together an action packed afternoon which showed the huge range of involvement activity. This included the introduction of peer support on inpatient units and the involvement of service users and carers in the recruitment, induction and training of staff. We shared a wonderful lunch at Trust HQ ( provided by Lee House, which helps patients moving from supported mental health services to mainstream employment) and then went to the John Howard Centre. There Jeremy heard from a group of patients about their experience of secure hospital care and the opportunities to get their voices heard. The group spoke very openly and movingly about their personal histories and how the care and compassion of staff was building their self-esteem and giving them hope for the future.

After that we went over to Rosebank Ward in Tower Hamlets, which is a female psychiatric intensive care ward. The modern matron Rebecca Lingard and a long standing patient took us to the ward's sensory room and talked about how staff and patients had worked together to design a special space for contemplation, relaxation and even dancing  (yes, there is a disco ball!). They also showed us the Hope wall and described how the messages of love and support form part of Rosebank's  unique approach to recovery.

It was a great visit and a powerful testament to the innovative work that is going on across the Trust. Jeremy was really impressed by the staff and service users he met and our commitment to patient centred care.

My thanks to Tsana and the team for putting such a wide ranging programme together. And thank you to the service users who shared their experiences with us on the day.

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