Dr Kate Corlett, GP and Associate Medical Director

Dr Kate Corlett, is the Trust's Associate Medical Director - Primary Care, and a practicing GP. This is the first of four blogs written by Kate which will focus on October's smoking cessation campaign, Stoptober. As a GP, Kate knows the impact of smoking on all the family as well as the individual.

"Welcome to STOP-TOBER. If you are a smoker, this month you can join thousands of other people quitting cigarettes - and yes YOU can do it!

I've been a GP for well over 30 years and I know many, many people; patients, friends, family and work colleagues who have successfully quit smoking - and yes many of them took several attempts but this may be the time you are successful!

What will that mean? A safer environment for your family, more money in your pocket, better quality of life and more of it!

From thirty years as a GP and thousands of consultations with patients, I know that the single most effective thing I have ever done is to help people stop smoking because the repercussions are so enormous.

Even more so where our service users have mental illness; they die 15 - 20 years younger than their peers and most of that is due to smoking. OK,  we can help them to exercise more and eat healthily but if we ignore their smoking we're ignoring the main preventable risk to their health, their well-being and their life!"<<