Integrated care , what does it mean for ELFT?

There is so much work going on nationally and locally relating to integrated care but what does that mean in reality. As a Trust we are involved in a number of different projects and initiatives focused on integrated care e.g. Tower Hamlets Integrated Provider Partnership Vanguard and Hackney Devolution. At the heart of all these projects is the aim of improving care for the local population and all the healthcare organisations involved in delivering patient care working better together.

So what does integrated care mean to me as someone who works for ELFT?

Firstly it means people with mental health issues will have better access to a range of services in the community. Often people who have a mental ill health have physical health conditions too but they can be forgotten. Working in an integrated way means this shouldn’t happen and right from the point of planning local health services mental health will be a priority.

Secondly I think it means that our staff will be challenged to think about the whole person and feel we can influence other services which have an impact on mental health. It opens doors for us and supports staff to build the skills and confidence to work with patients to identify and care for all their needs. 

Finally it’s a great opportunity to build relationship with colleagues in other agencies, to become a stronger and richer workforce to support families.
by Dr Navina Evans, Director of Operations and Deputy Chief Executive 26 January 2016 0 comment(s)