Stoptober - Blog No 4 from Dr Kate Corlett, GP and Associate Director - Primary Care

Smoking is part of the culture of mental health services - right?

Well yes right - but that doesn't mean we can't change it!

Back in the day, service users would come into mental health wards with their first episode of psychosis and if they weren't smokers when they arrived they would be when they left - that can't be right!

People with a mental health condition who smoke, experience more severe symptoms of psychosis, depression and anxiety and spend longer in hospital. Smokers also require higher doses of psychotropic medicines which further harms their physical health.

Most mental health service users say they want to quit when asked. They do need more intensive and prolonged help to stop smoking but can do so.

So this Stoptober it would be great if more of our service users quit or transferred to e-cigarettes than ever before.

To help us going forward we've appointed Smoking Cessation Advisors for East London and will be interviewing shortly for a Bedfordshire Smoking Cessation advisor.%3