Jamarle Al-Aride is undertaking an apprenticeship in the Trust's Finance Department. Does this mean he always gets asked to work out the bill when out with friends? Read on to find out ...

What attracted you to joining an apprenticeship programme?

I wanted to learn and earn at the same time. There is nothing like gaining experience in the field you are studying.

How did you find out how to apply for the Apprenticeship with ELFT?

On either the Apprenticeship website or Getmyfirstjob.

What kind of work did you do before coming here?

I worked as a Car Showroom Manager before starting this apprenticeship.

What has been the response from your family and friends?

They think its great that I have an apprenticeship in the NHS.

Why have you chosen an apprenticeship in the NHS over one of the city finance companies?

I think it was just too good of an opportunity to miss.

Did you love maths at school?

It was the only subject I found easy,

How did you feel at the beginning, on your first day?

Good. It felt good to know I was embarking on starting my career.

How did the team respond to you in this new position?

Everyone was really nice and supportive and they still are.

What have been the highlights?

Just knowing that I was working and the work I was actually doing was relevant to what I am about to study.

What have been the challenges?

Getting to grips with the system the finance department use.

Are you the one that always works out the bill when out with friends?

Nope, because I never try to pay if I can help it


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