The role of Carers Leads in the Trust is to ensure that those caring for people with mental health problems raise their concerns and are supported. They also lead on ways to improve how we work with carers.

Carers Leads encourage carers to get involved and have their say about the services we offer, both for carers and for service users, so that we might be able to make improvements and provide better services for all.

Local Carers Leads

Gail Dearing: or tel: 01582 700232 

Catherine Aganoglu: or tel: 01582 709152

City & Hackney
Katie Williams: or tel: 020 8510 8630

Forensic Services

Rachel Eborall or tel: 07903 249 441
Neville Green or tel: 020 8510 2101

Bailey Mitchell: or tel: 020 7540 6765

Tower Hamlets
Steph Diffey: or tel: 020 8121 5460/5607

Click here for more carers information. 


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