The Council of Governors is made up of 45 elected governors and appointed governors from partner organisations.

Governors represent the views of their members and work in partnership with the Trust at a strategic level to help plan and shape its services.

Below are the profiles and photos of public and appointed governors currently in post. Members can contact a governor regarding Trust services through the Membership Office on 0800 032 7297 or email

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Chair of Council of Governors

The Council of Governors is chaired by the ELFT Chair, Mark Lam

The Deputy Chair (Lead Governor) of the Council of Governors is Staff Governor Caroline Ogunsola, and the Assistant Deputy Chair is Luton Governor Keith Williams.

Appointed Governors

We have 10 Appointed Governors who are nominated by our partner organisations, (local authorities, commissioners, academic and voluntary sector). They bring expert insights which have been invaluable, particularly when considering integrated care.

To view the Appointed Governors, please click here.

Public Governors

We have 26 Public Governors who live in and who are elected by Members in our local communities.

City of London and Hackney Governors

To view the City of London and Hackney Governors, please click here.

Newham Governors

To view the Newham Governors, please click here.

Tower Hamlets Governors

To view the Tower Hamlets Governors, please click here.

Bedfordshire and Luton Governors

To view the Bedfordshire and Luton Governors, please click here.

Rest of England Governors 

To view the ROE Governor, please click here 

Staff Governors

We have 9 Staff Governors who are elected by the people who we employ. They bring knowledge of widely held staff views to Council debates and can bring first-hand experience to strategic discussions about quality.

To view the Staff Governors, please click here.

Declarations of Interest

To view the Council's Interest Register, please click here.

Contacting the Council of Governors

If you know who the Public, Staff or Appointed Governor who represents your particular constituency is then please contact the Membership Office on: • Freephone: 0800 032 7297 • Email:  and they will pass on your query to them. If you do not know who your representative is the Membership Office will also help you to identify the appropriate person.

Please note that Governors are not able to get involved in patients’ complaints – although they can tell people about the Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) and the Trust’s complaint system. Governors also cannot act as advocates for individual patients or staff although they can point people in the direction of appropriate advocacy organisations or relev

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