Carol Ann Leatherby(3 year term from 2018)

Carol Ann served two previous terms as a Governor. During this time she was involved in a Governors Quality Improvement project and a Governor representative on ELFT’s Learning from Complaints Committee. Currently Carol Ann is a carer’s rep working in conjunction with Newham Carers Network giving support and advice to carers. She also supports people with Dementia and their carers by visiting Memory Lane cafes run by Alzheimer’s Society. Carol Ann is passionate about improving care of the elderly

Ernell Diana Watson(Third, 3 Year Term from 2018)

Ernell is in her second 3 year term as a Governor. Ernell has continued to work constructively and collaboratively within the Trust throughout.  Ernell remains passionate about the delivery of good and equitable health care provisions for all Service Users. As a Governor, Ernell has gained greater insight into the Governor’s roles and responsibilities. As a retired strategic social work manager with 16+ years of experience within Children’s Safeguarding and Social Care sectors, Ernell has utilized her knowledge, skills and experience. Ernell remains committed to good practice and the fostering of positive inter-personal relationships. In the foreseeable future Ernell aspires to be the best she can.

Hazel Watson(3 year term from 2016)

Hazel is a retired registered General Nurse. Since 2004 Hazel has volunteered as Vice Chair and a representative for the Newham Older People Reference Group (OPRG) Age UK. As a Governor Hazel wants to encourage contribution from older people, patients and local people to listen to and represent their views and interests and ensure high standards are maintained. Hazel wants to ensure the healthcare needs of local people are met, raise awareness around Governors providing a voice and work together to make a difference to improve the standard of living and wellbeing for local people.

Shirley Biro(Second, 3 year term from 2018)

Born in Newham, Shirley has nearly thirty years’ experience volunteering with the local community in Newham and has been Chair of two voluntary organisations. She is passionate about mental health and has worked as a Community Counsellor spearheading support groups for local people. She has recently set up a peer support group for mental health and is creating a forum for similar groups to share resources and information.  Shirley previously worked in medical research and laboratory management for Bart’s NHS Trust.