Caroline Ogunsola(3 year term from 2017)
Caroline is a registered nurse with a wealth of experience in community nursing and. various roles in NHS organisations. Caroline was recently granted the title of a Queen’s Nurse, a title that recognises nurses’ contribution to nursing development, workforce development and quality improvement. As a Governor Caroline welcomes the opportunity to contribute, shape and influence local services, give community care staff and front line staff a voice; while demonstrating her passion for nursing and providing high quality care for patients at home. Caroline is currently leading on the implementation of a new test and learn person centred model of care in Tower Hamlets community (Buurtzorg model).
Joseph Croft(3 year term from 2016)

Having worked in the Trust since 2009 Joseph recognises ELFT services as being amongst the best in the country. As a Governor he wants to give staff members and service users a louder voice in ELFT and believes their contribution is vital in steering, reshaping, and developing services - further enhancing the great work already being undertaken. Joseph acknowledges staff members encounter daily challenges which can potentially impact on staff’s own mental health and he intends to put staff wellbeing firmly on the agenda.

Julian Mockridge(3 year term from 2017)
Julian works in the Specialist Addictions team in Bedfordshire and has worked in various community based services for the last 14 years. Julian is passionate about delivering excellent services and believes in public accountability of foundation trusts. Julian wants to be a voice for staff, patients and their families and help drive changes within the trust to ensure patients and their families receive the best possible care and staff have a positive and enjoyable working environment. Julian will act as a link between staff and the Trust Board.
Katherine Corbett(Third, 3 year term from 2018)

Katherine currently works within the inpatient occupational therapy service in Tower Hamlets and has a background working in mental health rehab and within arts charities. She has previously served a full term as public governor for Hackney and has recently been re-elected onto the Nominations and Conduct Committee. Katherine has particular interests in improving collaborative working within the Trust and in ensuring staff at every level are supported to raise ideas and issues. She is committed to service user-led change and is keen to work with the Trust to find new ways of doing this.

Mary Phillips(2 year term from 2017)
As a public Governor representing Luton for 2 years, Mary made valuable contributions including participating in a Governors’ quality improvement project. She obtained knowledge about ELFT by attending Trust Board meetings and visits to services. As a staff Governor, Mary would like to represent CAMHS staff and help enhance communication and relationships between staff and the Trust. Mary is interested in health and wellbeing and would like to develop ways to reduce staff stress and improve their experience at work.
Robin Bonner(Re-elected, 3 year term from 2016)

In his second term as a governor Robin is committed to improving the quality of life, health and wellbeing of staff and the communities that he serves. Robin is the Trust’s contract manager. He has a background in health promotion and has previously worked as Head of Service Development at the Tavistock and Portman, Senior Performance Manager and Public Health Officer for the Strategic Health Authority and HIV Coordinator and Smoking Policy Advisor for Hackney Council. He is keen to use his skills and experience to ensure that the Trust continues to grow and make a real difference to the health of its communities.

Sheila O'Connell(3 year term from 2017)
Sheila works in the Luton and Bedfordshire directorate and is a member of the Trust Information Management and Technology Advisory Committee which focusses on the use of and future improvements to technology within the Trust. Sheila believes that to provide outstanding care for service users, staff need to be provided with the best possible tools and support to make their jobs easier and more effective. Sheila was inspired to become a Governor when she worked alongside service users as part of the new eCPA programme. Sheila is keen to represent the views of staff to help ELFT become the best possible place to receive treatment and work.
Victoria Aidoo-Annan(3 year term from 2018)

Victoria works for Newham Early Intervention service as a senior practitioner. She has worked for the trust for over 15 years and joined as a staff nurse in 2003.Victora has a degree in Health Service Management, a mentor qualification. She is also a Charity Director for Ghana Nurses Association (U.K). Victoria wishes to represent staff and service users. Victoria will strive to help support the Trust to provide the best care possible.

Zara Hosany(Re-elected, 3 year term from 2017)

Zara represented Hackney as a public Governor for four years where she was Lead Governor and Quality Improvement Lead of the Council of Governors. As a staff Governor, Zara wants to represent the specific needs and views of staff as well as local communities at a strategic level to implement greater change within ELFT. Zara is a Community Clinical Psychologist working in Newham CAMHS with over 15 years of experience working in mental health services and interrelated systems. Zara considers the involvement of service users, carers, staff, and the local community to be essential in the delivery of high quality healthcare.