Adam Forman (3 year term from 2020)

Adam is a Hackney resident for 21 years and a retired local GP. As a GP in Hackney, Adam has worked closely with staff from the Trust and has a good understanding of how the Trust works, how health services are organised in Hackney and some of the concerns of service users. Adam works in large formal groups such as the Council of Governors, both as a GP and now as a Trustee of Derman (based in Hackney), a charity providing mental health services for the Turkish and Kurdish community in London. The cultural and ethnic diversity he has been immersed in as a health professional and resident of Hackney reflects the diversity of service users throughout the Trust. 

Beverley Morris (Second 3 year term from 2021)

Beverley was a Resource Officer for the Metropolitan Police Service. Beverly is a carer for her husband who is on the Autism Spectrum and is also a carer for her father and child who have epilepsy. She is active in the community and is on various Hackney Council committees which includes: Older Peoples Reference Group, Adults Social Care, Hackney Healthwatch, Carers in Bedrock and more. Beverly wants to ensure health care is improved for all. As a Governor, Beverley tries to ensure that everybody gets what they are entitled to from the system. She has spent the last 2 years trying to understand the benefits system and how the NHS works.  2020 has been a very different and difficult year. East London Foundation Trust (ELFT) has been doing a wonderful job and she would like to continue the work she started. 

Caroline Diehl (Second 3 year term from 2021)

Caroline brings a strong mix of experience, skills and values to her Public Governor role, including in communications and the voluntary sector. She is Founder and Chair of Together TV, the UK’s TV channel for inspiring positive change, and runs the Social Founder Network, to support founders of charities and social enterprises. She was Founder Chief Executive of the UK’s leading communications charity Media Trust, giving a voice to charities, young people, disadvantaged and misrepresented communities. Caroline was a Hackney school governor for many years, and a Hackney teacher. She volunteers in her local night shelter and is a member of the Homerton NHS Foundation Trust. As a Public Governor Caroline wants ELFT to improve how we communicate with, and support, the populations we serve, including Hackney residents, and to increase and deepen ELFT’s partnerships with the voluntary and community sector. 

Darlene Dike (3 year term from 2020)

As an ELFT member and lifelong Hackney resident, Darlene understands the context the Trust operates within, and is strongly committed to demonstrating the Trust values to Hackney; that ‘we care, we respect, and we are inclusive.’  Darlene brings great enthusiasm, fresh ideas and skill to championing quality within ELFT, and as a current civil servant benefits from a wealth of relevant attributes and experience. 

Patricia Wheeler(3 Year Term from 2021)

Patricia has always supported the life-saving and life-supporting work of the NHS. Patricia has been volunteering at two local Covid vaccination centres which has found to be a very positive experience, for her as well as for the people attending. She is a former teacher and has an interest in child and adolescent mental health.

City of London Governor

Reno Marcello (3 year term from 2020)

Reno has been involved in numerous patient and public involvement initiatives including being a City representative on The Advocacy Project’s City and Hackney Mental Health Voice Committee; regular attendance at the Neaman Practice PPG, and a former director of Healthwatch City of London and former chair of the Patient’s Forum at St Bartholomew’s Hospital over the past few years. Reno has an interest in the role that technology plays in the clinician / service / patient relationship particularly in the area of mental health.