John Bennett (3 year term from 2016)

John has worked in local government for over a decade and would like to contribute his skills to ELFT which includes developing strategies and plans, reviewing performance and providing constructive challenge to improve services. John has also worked with several mental health organisations and currently commission welfare advice and employment services in south London. John has extensive experience of community engagement and will champion service user involvement which John feels is essential in the planning and delivery of services and ensure the views of the local community are represented.

Nicholas Callaghan (Re-elected, 3 year term from 2016)

Born in Glasgow, Nicholas moved to England in 1983. He is a Tower Hamlets resident and a mature student at the University of East London where he studies Community Service and Enterprise. Nicholas volunteers at Sonali Gardens Day Care Centre. He has also been involved with the charity Mind and the Time-to-Change campaign. Nicholas is passionate about mental health. As a governor, he wants to represent views of local people in Tower Hamlets.

Phillips Ross (3 year term from 2018)

Phillip’s career has always been in public services in various public facing roles. Phillip supported rough sleepers providing them with information. While supporting a friend sectioned under the mental health act at another NHS Trust, Phillip realised there was a lack of joint working between primary care services and specialist mental health care. Phillip would like to be involved in developing best practice around this and ensure patients get the best care possible.

Roshan Ansari (Second, 3 year term from 2018)

Roshan is a medical doctor with 40 years’ experience in the NHS and has also worked as a magistrate locally for 15 years. Roshan has worked in mental health and the community and has a deep understanding of the needs and health priorities of local people. She would like to use her extensive knowledge and skills to benefit the Trust and the community. Roshan is currently Chair of Bow West Ward Safe Neighborhood Team and Vice Chair of Safe Neighborhood Board Tower Hamlets. She works closely with the police and with mental health and crime frequently linked, aims to bring a wider debate to the table to improve services

Adrian Thompson (3 year term from 2016)

Adrian has lived in Tower Hamlets for 30 years and been involved in the community, including serving 12 years as a school Governor, the last two being its Chairman. Adrian wishes to utilise his experience as a former professional Trustee together with his skills from his current role as a Director of a small publishing company. Adrian is especially keen to ensure public services provide value for money to the taxpayers who fund them whilst also providing the essential services needed by the community. Adrian is keen to represent members and help to build ELFT’s reputation.