‘Getting Involved’ means playing an active part in the work of East London NHS Foundation Trust. There are many different ways that you can take part: you can come and work with us, you can join as a member or you can volunteer and become involved in supporting individuals who have experienced mental health difficulties.


People Participation

People Participation simply means working together with the people who use our services, their carers and the local public.

We have a dedicated team who support service users and carers to become involved in all aspects of the Trust’s work, in whichever way suits them.

Service users and carers are invited to participate in a number of different ways through a variety of projects – click on this Carers link to find out more.

Become a Member

Over 9000 local people have already joined up to have a say in the way local mental health services are developed. Becoming a member is free Click here for a membership application form.


You can support people who have experienced mental health and physical health issues to get their lives back on track through a variety of volunteering opportunities in departments around the Trust.

Click here to learn more about Volunteering in the Trust.

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