15 August 2019

ELFT's People Participation Awards held on Wednesday, 7 August 2019 marked the celebration of the amazing work service users, carers and volunteers do every day.

It is an event to celebrate and bring together all those people who choose to work alongside the Trust to make sure we deliver the right kind of services to people who need it the most.

"They work alongside our services to allow us to incorporate their lived experience and thus help the Trust to do better in terms of the design, delivery and evaluation of the services." said Chair Marie Gabriel, opening the Awards ceremony.

The Trust is determined to be the best provider of mental health and community health services and the achievement of this ambition is underpinned by a meaningful and productive partnership with people who use our services.

Over a 100 nominations were received this year, all highlighting the incredible and crucial difference that People Participation is making to individual services and their work.

The Roll Call of Winners 

Interview Panellist Award Winners
Ola Kupoluyi was nominated by a great number of people. She is held in very high regard by her colleagues and ELFT teams.

Gracie Lavender Powell (under 18 years winner) - Gracie has been commended on her professional approach to interview panels.

Health and Wellbeing Champion Award Winners

Mavis and Derek Wallington take part in Working Togther group in Newham, and are extremely positive when working alongside and supporting ELFT staff in their work

Trainer of the Year Award Winners
Kaitlin Shortland - An excellent public speaker, she has taken part in inductions in Luton & Bedfordshire, a Newham presentation project and has contributed to training films produced by her service.

Loretta Addo - As a member of the Dementia Specialist Care Home Liason team, Loretta offers training to carers and staff on dementia care.

Young Person of the Year Award Winner
Jay Worthington is totally dedicated to service user involvement. He has sat on many interview panels, attended forums and recently contributed to a powerful film which had a great impact. He is a role model to many and an inspiration to all.

Contribution to Service Improvement Award Winners

CAMHS Luton Film Project - The team have spent a long hard summer creating a powerful film about their experiences. 

Pat Moyce and Mack McLean identified a gap in service provision in Bedford and utilised people participation to address this gap. Their work around providing better services  for LGBTQ service users is ground breaking .

Chair’s Award Winners

Quality Conference Group: Satwinder Kaur, Anna Bartlett, Leslie Casimir, Hilda Mango, Graham Savage, Jane Fernandes, Ted Oliver and Felicity Stocker - have spent months developing a conference which really put services user and carers views at the forefront.

Chief Executive’s Award Winner

This Award was quite difficult and quite sad to present as Narinder Behal sadly passed away before she could receive it.  

The Award is to honour her as a person and as someone who has made a huge impact on People Participation in ELFT.

She had by far the most number of nominations ever in a People Participation Awards history.

Narinder has been a consistent member of the Newham CRT South and took part in Reshaping Recovery QI project.

She took the lead on giving service users a voice at the monthly co-production meetings and subsequent steering group.

She had been directly involved in transforming the meetings into the everyday language of the team and making it part of the "business as usual" for the service.

Narinder had supported the directorate in high profile and large functions including a recent visit to the CRT South team from a Scottish Delegation of QI experts and senior professions.

She demonstrated that she was passionate about reshaping recovery services in Newham and has always been flexible with staff and acknowledged the pressures on the team.

Narinder was a joy to work with - a valued asset to the team and the directorate.

The award will be presented to her family

Moving on Award Winner

People Participation is not only about improvement of the services ELFT provides, it’s also about supporting those in need on their journey of recovery. 

Kalpana Parmar has a passion for work. She has worked in the Trust for a couple of years and now has the opportunities that she deserves. 

Summing up the evening's celebrations, Trust Chair Marie Gabriel said:

“Although we do well, and it is good to celebrate how well we do at People Participation, there’s so much more that we can do. We are on a journey of improvement to make sure everything we do as a Trust means enabling people to participate in their care, and participate in the way the Trust should be run. To meet the needs of all of its population."

Trust CEO Dr Navina Evans thanked everyone for the generosity of their spirit.

​A full report with images from the night can be found here.