11 October 2018

Local charity Working Well Trust provides the Rework IPS employment service which sits within Tower Hamlets Community Mental Health Teams. Below, Project Lead, Amelia Willet, describes how one person was supported to follow her heart and her interest in a career in fashion.

Gillian's Story

Gillian came to Working Well Trust in April 2018. She had the goal of developing a career within the fashion industry as she designs, creates and sells her own garments. She was supported to define short-term and long-term career goals. To work in fashion retail part-time whilst developing her own brand and fashion-related skills, and experience on the side. 

The Employment Specialist allocated to Gillian liaised with the manager of her local Levi store and arranged for an informal interview. The manager was impressed by Gillian’s knowledge of the industry and sewing skills and she was offered a part-time role as a Sales Stylist, which commenced in September. Gillian was also supported to enrol onto a Prince’s Trust course in fashion, which she reports has allowed her to develop new skills for her own creations. She started a fashion degree as well in September and is hoping to launch her own brand in November. 

Gillian will continue to be supported by Working Well Trust to retain this employment and develop towards her long-term goal.

Gillian says,

"Working has been very beneficial for me because it adds structure and stability to my life, where I feel I am accomplishing something. For me it enables me to gain a healthy routine where I can be productive and still carry on with my hobbies because I am already practicing through my job to be more proactive.

Work provides that safe element to help me grow and feel good about myself and therefore helping me mentally. It's where I can feel good giving back and helping others too. Overall, it helps my wellbeing by allowing me to focus on working towards something. This I feel is slowly changing my mindset to think more positive by allowing my mindset to interact and distract me from thinking too negatively. The support has provided independence for me and overall, has contributed to making me feel good.”%%%