07 June 2019

A range of different Trust settings and sites across east London, Luton and Bedfordshire were abuzz on Thursday 6th June because What Matters To You? (WMTY) day had arrived. This is an annual event in which healthcare providers from across the globe encourage and support conversations between people who provide health and social care and the individuals, families and carers who receive that care, this being the first year that the Trust is taking part. 

Our WMTY ambassadors for the day included Trust People Participation colleagues, clinical staff and friends, all brandishing the distinctive WMTY postcards, stickers and badges to enlist people far and wide into the conversation. Soon the Trust twitter page was alight with reports of all the different activities taking place, with a selection of some of the varied conversations that were happening. 

Mick Bond, a Peer Tutor at Tower Hamlets Recovery College co-facilitated the event at Trust sites across Mile End hospital. He said: ‘The response here today has been fantastic. People really appreciate someone taking the time to ask them what are the things in their life that are important to them, what makes it good, and what we can do to help support this.”

Janice Muradzikwa, Senior Occupational Therapist with the Trust's Bedfordshire Mental Health and Wellbeing Service based at Oakley Court stated: “'Positive, happy and motivated were a few of the words service users used to describe their feelings about the WMTY event today.”

Summing up his feelings about the day, Dr Paul Gilluley, Trust Chief Medical Officer said “Can I say a huge thank you to all ELFT staff and service users who tried out “What matters to you?” and fed back their experience. I hope this enriches your work and is the start of a wonderful journey!”

Photo: Mick Bond, Tower Hamlets Recovery College Peer Tutor & Fiona Ball, People Participation Lead for IAPT Services host the WMTY? stall at Mile End Hospital's Burdett House.