04 June 2018
East London NHS Foundation Trust (ELFT) presented the international charity UNICEF with a £10,000 cheque on 3rd May 2018 at its headquarters in Aldgate. The money was raised as part its flu jab campaign to encourage staff to get immunised against flu. The Trust pledged to match every flu jab that staff had, with an immunisation in a developing country.

2,434 members of staff had a flu vaccination. The money raised will be enough to immunise over 115,000 children against tetanus, a disease which still kills around 34,000 newborns every year and damages the health of many hundreds of thousands more.

ELFT encourages staff to have the flu vaccination every year to ensure that staff do not pass on influenza to patients, and to ensure that in the event of a flu outbreak, that staff are protected and are able to continue to attend work and provide health care. 

Frances Rourke, Tower Hamlets Locality Lead Nurse, led by example as she got her flu jab and even posed for a photo afterwards.  Frances said mid photo "I have the jab every year. It isn’t just about keeping yourself safe, it’s about protecting your family, your colleagues and your patients. You can carry and pass the virus on to others without having any symptoms yourself so, even if you consider yourself healthy, you may still be risking the lives of others."

Kenneth Green from UNICEF said: “We rely on supporters like ELFT to help people. The fact that so many staff have been immunised against flu is fantastic. We are really grateful to you for deciding to help children in danger at the same time.”

The ELFT “Flu Busters” campaign was launched in early September to get staff thinking about preparing for the winter and to promote the jab for a jab incentive.