05 January 2021

Rachel James, Speech & Language Therapist with the Newham Health Team For Adults With Learning Disabilities describes why and how a new resource for professionals and service users is of assistance at the current time: 

"The onset of COVID-19 in 2020 made it clear that we would have to ensure timely communication with our clients.

"It is an ELFT wide collaboration, with LD Services supported by ELFT Communications – and we have learnt a lot of new skills, including video editing.

"Our YouTube Channel is designed to enable anyone with Learning Disabilities - or who supports someone with Learning Disabilities -  to access easy-read information (in videos) about different health and wellbeing topics and information about COVID-19.*

"It is a way in the short term, to share important information quickly, but longer term we hope it will be a useful resource for our clients and carers."

The channel includes helpful & clear visual guides in English & Sylheti about attending appointments with Tower Hamlets Community Learning Disabilities Services:

At the present time, we seek to arrange appointments remotely, but when restrictions ease, or if someone has to attend an appointment in person, the team have provided some handy videos that show what to expect. See them here: Welcome to CLDS Guides

The channel is also being used to develop our staff and carer training offer. We are using it to share recorded training sessions with key people via private direct links to the specific video series.

Please encourage people to keep checking the channel – there are many more topics to be added! If you have any feedback about any videos on our YouTube Channel, or if there is anything you would like to be involved in please let us know by emailing me at: Rachel.james6@nhs.net

(*We are still posting key information to clients as we are aware that not everyone has access to the internet/YouTube)       

How Useful Is The Channel? A Service User Explains

On Knowing How to Spot Symptoms of the Coronavirus: "Before seeing the YouTube video, I didn’t understand the things to look out for about Coronavirus. Now I know when to stay inside."

On Wellbeing & Anxiety: "I watched the video and am going to try some of the breathing exercises."

On  Attending Your Appointment: "I like seeing the people who work in the team."

The ELFT Services for Adults With Learning Disabilities YouTube Channel can be found here: