12 December 2016

A striking piece of artwork has been created by people across Bedfordshire and Luton to challenge perceptions about mental illness.

Nearly 30 mental health service users from Mind BLMK teamed up with Ben Salmons from the Trust for the project.

Each individual created their own section and all of the pieces were then combined to spell out Break the Stigma on a large acrylic board.

Ben is ELFT’S Break the Stigma campaign manager and works with the public, service users, charities and Trust staff to promote the message that it is ok to discuss mental health and it should not be a taboo subject.

The artwork is designed to illustrate that everyone is different by using each piece of artwork to form half a letter, combining to create the eye-catching message.

Fourteen mental health service users from Ampthill took part along with 14 from Luton.

The aim is to display the art in public places across Bedfordshire and Luton and encourage healthy, open discussion about mental health.

Ben said "I am so proud of everyone who took part in this collaborative art piece.

“Everyone worked so hard to create their beautiful individual pieces of art. I really hope when this piece of work is displayed it will be a conversation starter to help people talk and tackle the common misconceptions surrounding mental illness."

Steve McNay from Mind said “This project involved people from across Bedfordshire and Luton and created something brilliant. It shows what can be achieved when we work together.”

Email Ben Salmons if you would like to display the artwork.