05 February 2018

Children’s Mental Health Week is encouraging children, young people and adults to celebrate their uniqueness in a campaign focused on ‘Being Ourselves’. 

Some children and young people can find it difficult to think positively about themselves with 8 in 10 school pupils experiencing low self-esteem. This Children’s Mental Health Week, Place2Be is highlighting the importance of ‘Being Ourselves’ and celebrating the unique qualities and strengths in themselves and others.

When we have a positive view of ourselves it can help us to cope with life’s challenges, and recognising the different qualities of others can allow us to connect with those around us – which is vital for our own and others’ wellbeing.

Here are 3 tips from Place2Be on ‘Being Ourselves’

  • Try to think of 3 things that you like about yourself: It might be that you are kind and help your friends, you like to make people laugh or maybe you keep trying even if you find something difficult. We all have different things that make us who we are.
  • If you notice something that makes your friend or classmate unique, let them know: It can feel really nice when you receive a compliment; it can also feel pretty great giving one too!
  • Next time you are part of a group: have a think about how you might all be different – whilst we are all similar in lots of ways, we are also interested in and good at different things.

Getting help with East London NHS FT

The Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) delivered by East London NHS Foundation Trust offers help to children who feel sad a lot of the time, may be having trouble sleeping, have worries about school or find it difficult to play with friends. We also help children who don’t get on with their families, or their families don’t get on with each other. At CAMHS you will meet with someone who wants to talk with you, and try out things that might help you. We will work with you and your family to understand and help you with your problems and want you to feel happy and safe when you come to see us. There are CAMHS teams in East London – Tower Hamlets, Newham and City and Hackney – and in Bedfordshire and Luton. 

For more information and CAMHS and what we can help with visit https://camhs.elft.nhs.uk/

Get Involved 

 For information about the campaign and how to get involved visit www.childrensmentalhealthweek.org.uk/