12 September 2019

A fashion show with a difference is coming to Bedford Harpur Shopping Centre on Thursday October 10th, 16.30-17.30.

The catwalk will come alive with a range of unique and beautiful handmade garments created out of small pieces of fabric, each with a handwritten message or body confidence, pride and acceptance. 

Bedfordshire and Luton Recovery College Peer Tutor Hannah Brown is leading the project, having presented to and worked with a variety of mental health groups and service providers to design and create the garments in the lead up to the event. 

The Fashion Show follows on from the days events in Bedford recognising World Mental Health Day led by the team at Mindful Sport. 

“Body confidence and self-image can really impact on people’s mental health. The idea of the project is to get people to think about what positive self-image means to them, leaving a simple message on the pieces of fabric, all of of which have been donated by the local community. 

“To then create beautiful pieces of clothing that truly 'speak louder than words’ has been a humbling experience and I am so inspired by the passion of all the volunteers who have lovingly made each garment.”

“I can’t wait for it all to come together in the fashion show in October” said Hannah. 

The Bedfordshire and Luton Recovery College is part of the Bedfordshire and Luton Mental Health Academy, a formal partnership service in collaboration with the East London Foundation Trust (ELFT) and The University of Bedfordshire. It offers a wide range of free courses and workshops, focused on recovery, aiming to provide strategies and techniques for people to use in their everyday lives to aid their own well-being and mental health.