30 August 2019

Bedfordshire & Luton CAMHS launch their dedicated podcast channel on 9th September called CAMHS Talk.

Each show spotlights on a different aspect of mental health and wellbeing and young people are at the centre of the project both as producers and contributors. 

The first episode focuses upon what it means to be a CAMHS User Participant and how getting involved can benefit both the service and the participant. 

The second show is all about Eating Disorders and helps to dispel some common misconceptions around the subject.

Each show features young people who speak eloquently about the subjects from their own point of view, bringing their voices and opinions right  into the forefront.

Each show is pre-recorded and new releases go live every two weeks. 

CAMHS Specialist Nurse Mark Taylor said: “It has been great working with the young people involved to make this happen.

“They have worked hard alongside myself and other members of Luton and Beds CAMHS members to create each show in the studio. Their enthusiasm and knowledge really helps each broadcast come alive.

“It’s really important that we give our service users every opportunity to be heard, This podcast is a great way for everyone to hear their views and for us all to make use of their knowledge.

“You can hear in everyone’s voices just how much they are enjoying working as part of a team on this.”

You can download each episode by going over to CAMHSTalk.com.

Each episode is also available on ITunes, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Tune-in, Stitcher and all other podcast platforms.

CAMHS Talk also on Twitter so to join in with the discussions or to recommend future topics, come over to @CAMHSTalk and follow the team.

Help spread the word by using the hashtags  #ElftCAMHSTalk  and #CAMHSTalkPodcast on social media.