31 July 2020

Eid celebrations are underway, and this is also South Asian Heritage Month.  Trust People Relations Advisor Mashal Adbullah shares photos of what's on the family menu this year, and explains some aspects of this important Muslim festivity. 

Are these recipes specific to a particular region, are they a family recipe? Have you noticed how different Eid celebrations are depending on where people come from?

These are traditional Pakistani food recipes, passed on from generations, sweets thali (the picture of the round tray with dates)  is an innovation within our family which my sister and I started doing when we were younger - usually consumed throughout the day by the family (it’s like a box of Celebrations!)

Traditions differ slightly in different cultures, but the base remains the same for all Muslims as per the pillars of Islam i.e. this Eid is celebrated after performing Hajj (Pilgrimage) -the 5th Pillar of Islam.

‚ÄčWhat form do the Eid celebrations take?

In the time before Coronavirus, friends and families would come together and the cooking marathon starts usually a day earlier. On the day of Eid we would wake up quite early to pray, get ready in our best outfits and family members and friends come over or we go over to their house to get together the food and to celebrate. When I was young I used to love it! Even more since presents are handed out on the day, and sometimes gifts from grandparents and elders to the young children (we call it Eidi). 

Are many people in your part of ELFT, the team or the wider service celebrating Eid with you this year?

Many of my colleagues from the People & Culture team are celebrating tomorrow. We are a diverse team. Under normal circumstances, we would usually hold an office Bring and share for Eid which we all very much look forward to! For the last Eid in May, we held a virtual Bring & Share -  we shared pictures and recipes of the food we ate on Eid day! It is amazing to share the essence of our cultures with the whole team. 

Eid al-Adha 2020 began on 30 July and ends in the evening of Monday 3 August