03 December 2018
Today, ELFT celebrates the contribution of staff with a disability who challenge preconceptions, demand their place in our workforce and pave the way for other coming along behind them.

The #PurpleLightUp is an international campaign that celebrates the contribution of disabled people across the globe. It takes place ever year on 3 December.

As part of this campaign, the Trust is asking staff to make a Purple Pledge, to support the Trust’s commitment to be an organisation that values our disabled employees and sees them as an asset to the NHS. Staff  have been encouraged to wear purple and there are a number of activities happening throughout the week. There are a few things we can all do to change the culture around disability in the workplace and get involved today.

Get Involved
If you have a Twitter account, it would be great to position yourself amongst the proudly inclusive and forward-thinking individuals. Here's how:

1) Get informed and spread the word:
Watch and 'reTweet' Channel 4’s advert about the campaign.

2) Show Your support: Change your profile picture with the official campaign Twibbon.

3) Highlight ELFT’s message: 
@NHS_ELFT @ELFTAbility, directors and various staff will tweeting photos and pledges. Have your finger on the 'reTweet' and 'Like' buttons, and comment if you have time.

4) Add your message of support:
We invite you and your teams to put up your own pledge, #PurpleLightUp photo, with your own message of support. Support resources are attached or you can do your own creative thing.

5) Express your interest: 
Organisations will be doing their own publicity activities and others will be doing disability awareness videos. Take a look and have your finger on the 'reTweet' and 'Like' buttons.

6) Keep momentum throughout the day:
There will be lots of activity. @ELFTAbility have a 24 hour #PurpleJukebox starting at midnight with #DJWheelz, to involve those working through the night. Representatives from the Trust are attending an evening function involving other corporate companies and there are plans for a Minister to speak. There will be live 'Tweets' to keep you informed.

A Note on Accessibility
As a campaign is about disability in the workplace, it is more important than ever to make sure information on social media are as accessible as possible. But how can you do this?

#CapitalisingTheFirstLetterOfEachWordInALongHashtag is called ‘camelCase’. Camel case is generally easier to read, especially for those with dyslexia. Most importantly, it makes words distinguishable for text-to-speech software that people with visual impairments