02 August 2017

Local residents will have the chance to meet health and social care providers, give your views to help shape local services and think about what would help to improve your own health. 

Wednesday 9 August 11:30am – 3:30pm
The Hub
Park Café
Victoria Park
E9 5HD

Tower Hamlets Together has asked the New Economics Foundation (NEF) to help test ideas about ways to check services are doing what they should be doing.  To do this,  staff from the New Economics Foundation will be talking to as many local residents, organisations and community groups as possible over the next couple of months through to September.

The Victoria Park event will help local organisations who provide health and wellbeing services to engage with a wide range of local people - to discuss key issues, share information to improve services and respond to areas highlighted by residents. 

The overall aim is to support community leadership to take joint actions on issues that affect the borough’s health and wellbeing. 

Check Out Our New 'Portal'
There will be an opportunity to have a look at a new online 'Portal' and get your views. This is an online tool which can provide a range of information about local services AND provide a channel for local people to direct their views and ideas. But before it launches, we want to make sure it works, that it is easy to use and that it is set out in an understandable way to explain progress and results to residents and staff.

For more information, contact michael.keating@elft.nhs.uk