30 July 2019

This year’s conference theme is ‘FUTURE DYSTOPIAS NOW!’ where we will be debating the idea that new technologies are scapegoated because the more urgent problems in society, such as social deprivation and exclusion, feel too overwhelming and unmanageable to deal with.

FUTURE DYSTOPIAS NOW! will advocate to:

Explicitly consider the moral issues and (lack of) evidence-base, in debating the potential benefits and risks of new technologies

Set an expectation that the professional status of psychiatry is used to offer a credible and balanced point of view in speaking out against sensationalist media statements, and calling for reasoned debate

Call for support to develop a convincing evidence-base (Complaining about a lack of evidence means an obligation to do something about it)

Argue against technology moral panics becoming a distraction from helping people with the things that are definitely bad: social deprivation, isolation, inequality, lack of access to effective support and treatment for mental illness.

PsychTech focuses on clinically-relevant content which should appeal to a range of NHS healthcare professionals and students.

The aim for PsychTech 2019 is to present the ‘ethical-NHS-view’ on engaging with new technologies, offering a balanced evidence-based perspective on topical issues including:

  • Social media, screen time, and the new ICD-10 diagnosis of Internet Gaming Disorder
  • Virtual Reality, mobile apps, and video games for mental health assessment and treatment
  • AI & machine learning, and the use of big data for healthcare delivery and population health.


The conference is not financially sponsored so participants will need to buy tickets. There are some concessionary tickets and reduced price early bird tickets for people who book early.

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PsychTech 2019 is a national mental health and technology conference sponsored by East London NHS Foundation Trust