31 March 2020

The Medical Education Team organised a successful online event to engage with mental health professionals and discuss different scenarios in managing suspected COVID-19 cases in mental health. This initiative is the first of this scale in the Trust (over 200 clinicians) and was organised in line with the government guidelines of self-isolation and keeping in-person interactions to a minimum.

'The response we received was extremely positive and the session was highly interactive. The project attracted the attention of many and we are working on ways of sharing this remotely' said Neetu Klair, Medical Education Manager. 

Following different scenarios that were presented to the participants for review and feedback, Chief Medical Officer Dr Paul Gilluley gave an update on what the Trust is doing regarding PPE and thanked everyone for their collective efforts.

Special thanks needed to Dr Juliette Brown, Dr Lynsey McAlpine, Dr Cate Bailey, Dr Shevonne Matheiken, Dr Andy Roney the Medical Education team.