05 September 2018

Annual Members Meeting
Wednesday 26 September 2018
(Refreshments from 3.30pm)

Hamilton House
Mabledon Place

Agenda and Questions

Local residents, staff and stakeholders are warmly invited to this public meeting.

You can view the Agenda here

If you have any questions or queries you would like to pose to the Trust Board, please email them here to enable us to provide relevant data and information to response fully.

People's Voices

The theme of the meeting is 'People's Voice's' and we will hear from three keynote speakers looking at the themes of mental health and physical health, talking about their respective experiences.

Mandy Stevens (Mental Health)
In 2017, NHS Manager Mandy Stevens came to the fore as a campaigner against mental health stigma, when her LinkedIn post about her own mental health crisis received over 10,000 views in 48 hours. Mandy will talk about the key ingredients in her recovery and life after as a now prominent commentator on mental health care and discrimination. You can read Mandy's original post here

Graham Savage (Physical Health)
For the past seven years, Graham has been supported in Newham using the Telehealth service. This involves him carrying out a number of checks and tests every day which are transmitted to the Telehealth team centre via a box attached to his television. In this way, his health is monitored and staff can act if anything is awry, he has fewer appointments as his health is monitored remotely allowing him to live independently. Graham has become involved with the work of the Trust and will speak about his NHS journey and People Participation.

Tower Hamlets CAMHS – Community Eating Disorder Service
Young people who have used this service will speak about their experience: what helps, what doesn't, what made a difference.

Something for Everyone

The AMM theme this year is People’s Voices so there will be presentations and workshops from a range of people who have used ELFT services – talking about their experiences, what went well and where there is a need for change.

This year, the Trust has opted to merge its Annual General Meeting with its Annual Members Meeting
A hot buffet will be served midway through the meeting when attendees will have a chance to view information stalls in the ‘Health Market Place’ and make a tasty fruit smoothie using cycling power.

During the meeting, the Membership Report, Quality Accounts and Annual Report and Accounts will be presented followed by an opportunity for questions, comments and feedback.

RSVP: You can book a place here or email: elft.communications@nhs.net if you would like to attend or call 020 7655 4066.

Please advise of any dietary or other requirements.

We look forward to seeing you


  • Rajveer kaur , 13/09/2018

    Hi I would like to to attend the annual ELFT meeting on the 26th September's 4 till 7 please get back to me as soon possible thank you Rajveer kaur.

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