07 February 2019

ELFT Apprenticeship Programmes are designed to grow and develop skills needed for the future in our services. They often result in permanent roles offered to the apprentices within the service where they did their apprenticeship. This is the case with our former apprentice, Ansaar Ola. Ansaar's journey enabled him to qualify and secure the role he took as an apprentice. You too can become an ELFT apprentice, for more information on how to do so check the information at the bottom of the page. 

Ansaar did a one year Band 4 Senior Administrator Apprenticeship with the East Ham Care Centre which finished at the end of January 2019 and he is now employed on the position.

Ansaar Ola: "Working for ELFT has certainly been a very enjoyable experience and would recommend working for ELFT to anyone interested."

How have you found your apprenticeship with ELFT? 
My time working with ELFT has been really thrilling and exciting. Since the first day at the job I've felt welcomed by all members of staff I have encountered.

How did you feel at the beginning, on your first day?
At the beginning of my apprenticeship I felt a little nervous as I did not know what to expect being my first apprentice role. On my first day I was raring to go and wanted to learn how to do the job as quick as possible and was eager to meet my new colleagues. 

What have you learnt in your time here?

During my time here I quickly realised that regardless of this being a apprenticeship, all staff still treat you equally and with respect as though you are a permanent member of staff. I've learnt a number of new skills, most importantly I've learnt how to be more confident with my peers and also management.

How have the team you worked with responded to you?
The team I work with have always managed to include me in discussions and workload and always allowed me the chance to take time off to focus on my assignments and apprenticeship related tasks. They have always given me the flexibility to prioritise my apprenticeship, to ensure I am able to complete in any assignments that may be due. 

What have been the biggest challenges?
One of the biggest challenges working here for me has been meeting the large amount of professionals working within the trust. I have been somewhat shy when it comes to communicating with management and other clinicians but the staff here are all friendly, comforting and very polite. I have been able to work on this and I now am very confident talking to all sorts of professionals and clinicians. 

Why did you choose an apprenticeship with ELFT?
I chose to work as an apprentice at ELFT because I wanted a new and exciting challenge. Working for ELFT has certainly been a very enjoyable experience and would recommend working for ELFT to anyone interested.

There are two new apprenticeships now open for applications:

- Apprentice Welfare and Sites Services Administrator at City and Hackney Centre for Mental Health: https://bit.ly/2BmqzZO

- Community Dementia Care Team at First Avenue Resource Centre: https://bit.ly/2WIvRId