04 April 2017


The Trust has launched new Care Programme Approach (CPA) documentation. This new process brings recovery right to the heard of the work we do every day with our clients. It has been developed with staff, service users and carers from Bedfordshire, Luton and London and is the largest project we have collectively done.

A CPA is a way that support and services are assessed, planned, co-ordinated and reviewed for someone with mental health problems or a range of related complex needs. It sets out the way that an individual will be supported and cared for. The guiding principles for a service user requiring CPA are those with complex characteristics whose needs are met from a number of services or who are most at risk and who need a higher level of engagement, co-ordination and support.

The new CPA process uses Dialog + to ensure that the views and goals of service users are absolutely central to the assessment and care planning process. The new My Recovery Care Plan is intended to provide service users with an individualised and understandable care plan which reflects their concerns and priorities.
Watch our video to find out what staff, service users and carers think about the new CPA.

ELFT launches new Care Programme Approach from East London NHS Foundation Trust on Vimeo.