07 March 2017


The 2017 NHS Staff Survey results have now been published. The results are encouraging for the Trust with staff reporting high rates of job satisfaction and motivation,  a high level of support from line managers and good communication with senior managers. 

The Trust was recognised as having the highest staff engagement score for combined mental health and community trusts in the country at 3.96, well above the average which is 3.80.

We are also proud that when compared to similar Trusts, we had the best scores for staff recommendation of the organisation as a place to work or receive treatment and staff satisfaction with the quality of work and care they are able to deliver.  

The Trust also scored highest in the areas staff and manager engagement, with staff reporting good communication between senior management and staff, recognition and value of staff by managers and the organisation. 

Our Quality Improvement Programme has supported staff throughout the Trust to really engage in making improvements. Staff reported that they feel that they are able to contribute towards improvements at work. The Trust also ranked the highest for quality of non-mandatory training, learning or development, staff satisfaction with resourcing and support, fairness and effectiveness of procedures for reporting errors. As well as effective use of patient/service user feedback

There are still areas where the Trust needs to continue to improve. Our results show some staff are experiencing discrimination and physical violence from patients or the public while at work. The Trust also received lower scores on staff working extra hours and staff believing that the Trust offers equal opportunities for career progression. 

Trust-wide and directorate level action plans are now being developed in response to the survey results. We are grateful to all staff who contributed and shared their feedback. The results will help us create a better work environment for all staff.