22 March 2021

East London NHS Foundation Trust (ELFT) has been nominated as Lead Employer for COVID Vaccination Centres for NE London, working alongside Barts Health who will continue to manage and operate EXCEL vaccination activity.

Recruiting Local People for Local Jobs

With a population of 2.3m, the vaccination programme for North East London is going require around 1,500 people to staff the mass vaccination centres to vaccinate people or take up administration support roles.  ELFT has teamed up with recruitment agency Bank Partners and NHS Professionals, to recruit new staff, process applications, carry out checks and provide training to enable them to work in any of the vaccination centres in the region. ELFT is currently in the process of setting up a team to make this a reality.  In addition, there are opportunities for existing bank staff to work across vaccinations PODs within ELFT, NELFT and BHRUT

Current Roles Available

The vaccination programme requires people to train as vaccintors as well as back office staff to support the rollout of vaccines. The roles available now can be found on a dedicated recruitment microsite here: 

Tanya Carter, Executive Director of People and Culture, East London Foundation Trust said “This is a really exciting opportunity for ELFT to lead this momentous project.  This has also helped to strengthen partnership working within NE London Trusts, as well as to support ELFT as an Anchor institution by engaging local people, from a range of sectors into local jobs across an Integrated Care System (ICS) for health and wellbeing of the NE London populations that we serve.  

This is a great opportunity to support Primary Care Networks to deliver their vaccination programmes. We’re also exploring how we can support Newham Council with administration staff to support their vaccination programmes.”

Practical Approach

Charles Allen, Interim Deputy Director, NE London Mass Vaccination Workforce said "Rather than each vaccination centre endeavouring to recruit and train their own team of vaccinators, it made sense to task one organisation with this. There will be a natural turnover of vaccinators as students return to colleges and people return to their previous occupations as the economy picks up. But this will make space for people ready for a change or keen to dip their toe in the water and consider a job with the NHS."

Central One-Stop Recruitment Team

ELFT will operate like a job agency and deploy a pool of trained vaccinators and support staff. Any Vaccination Centre or GP practice can request the right number of vaccinators according to their requirements and scheduled vaccination appointments. It will assist all the Centres to have a central pool of people in the event of a surge of bookings in one area, or staff sickness. It makes optimum use of skills and resources. 

Potential Start of Career in the NHS

Chief Executive, Paul Calaminus said, "We are delighted to be leading on this to ensure that all the vaccination centres have trained skilled people to deliver the COVID vaccine. We have been successful in recruiting to the Westfield Vaccination Centre. We truly hope that some of these new staff will go on to have long-term health and social care careers with local organisations. This offers a unique opportunity to bring in local people to be part of their local services."

The roles offer flexibility, part-time or full-time hours and training in health and safety, infection control, information governance and record-keeping. These are short-term contracts and will be a useful stepping-stone for other roles in the NHS.

Photograph shows a glass vial with the word COVID 19 vaccine.
Photo by Artem Podrez from Pexels


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