13 October 2020

Photograph shows someone with hands covered in soap.

ELFT's Infection Prevention and Control team have launched a 'Back to Basics campaign to remind staff of why we need to change our behaviours to keep everyone safe, and how they can support us as we adjust to these new ways of working. 

National Infection Control Week
The campaign is part of National Infection Control week which runs from 12-16 October. The team have a number of activities planned this month including roadshows, a film with some local stars(!) and a challenge to see if their hand washing techniques passes muster!  

They have also produced a 'how to wear your mask correctly' poster with photographs of staff showing how NOT to wear a mask!

Chief Nurse and Executive Infection Prevention Lead, Lorraine Sunduza, said, ""Now more than ever, it is vital that we follow infection prevention principles to keep everyone safe. We appreciate that this includes new ways of living and working. Our 'Back to Basics' campaign is a way to support us all by refreshing our skills and getting people talking and thinking about infection prevention."

Ruth Bradley, Director of Nursing said, "Infection Prevention and Control is everyone's business wherever you work across the Trust. We have a duty to keep our patients, carers and colleagues safe. Our 'Back to Basic' campaign is a great opportunity to remind ourselves of our shared responsibility and embed this in our daily practice."

Bernadette Kinsella, Deputy Director of Infection Control and Lead for Physical Health said, “The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is presenting unprecedented challenges and there is a need to adapt quickly to manage suppression. By Joining us in implementing our Back to Basics Campaign you will be playing your part to reduce the impact and know how to prevent this highly infectious disease spreading further.”

Roadshows: Everything You Wanted to Know About Infection Control But Were Too Afraid to Ask!
The roadshows are chance for staff to pick the brains of our infection prevention and control specialists. They might have a niggling question or need clarification. It's not always straightforward. Like - How do you eat your lunch while wearing PPE? What should you do if someone you work with does not comply with PPE guidance? How can you explain to a vulnerable patient why you have to wear a mask? 

Wearing Masks Correctly

As a bit of fun, the Infection Control and Prevention Team have created a poster with staff modelling how NOT to wear a mask correctly - apart from Medical Director Dr Paul Gilluley who goes to the top of the class! Make sure you're not The Muzzle, The Necklace, The Beard, The Earring, The Armband or the Headband!