13 October 2020

ELFT’s  Finance Directorate have gained a Level 1 accreditation from the highly regarded Future Focused Finance (FFF) Network.

The Future-Focused Finance Towards Excellence accreditation process allows NHS England’s Finance Leadership Council to give due recognition to organisations that have the very best finance skills development culture and practices in place

It is a national programme designed to engage everyone in improving NHS Finance to support the delivery of quality services for patients.

ELFT is one of only ten London trusts that have won accreditation from the FFF so far.

It aims to ensure that every NHS finance team has access to the best in skills, knowledge, methods and opportunities so as to positively influence decisions affecting services.

The Network recognises that a diverse and talented NHS workforce can produce high-quality services and reduce waste in NHS spending.

In a very short space of time, ELFT's Senior Finance Business Partner Valerie Henry and Finance Training Lead Michael Cziczkat collated all the evidence required to support the application – more that 100 pieces of evidence to showcase the Trust’s good practice and willingness to learn and improve finance provision.  

Commenting on his team’s success in winning the accreditation, the Trust’s Chief Finance Officer Steven Course said:

“This is a real success for the Trust’s Finance Directorate, and by extension, the whole of the Trust.

“Having this accreditation means that the team are working at a very high level of rigour, and have in place robust systems and processes that protect the Trust finances to a very high standard.

“This ultimately means a better delivery in terms of care quality for our service users and the communities we serve.”