07 November 2017

Memory services across East London NHS Foundation Trust have won Psychiatric Team of the Year at the Royal College of Psychiatry Awards.  The award was won in recognition of service improvements that have streamlined the patient journey from referral to diagnosis for people with memory issues.

The project took place across the three East London Memory Clinics, these are specialist centres that perform  memory tests and diagnose and support people with dementia. The clinics set out to achieve the governments target of ensuring that 65% of the expected dementia population have a diagnosis of dementia.

The project began with a high number of referrals for people who did not have a severe cognitive impairment with diagnosis of dementia falling outside of the 18 week national target. QI methodology resulted in measurable improvement and the project significantly reduced the waiting times for referral to first appointment with patients receiving their diagnosis much faster. 

East London Foundation Trust’s Chief Executive Dr. Navina Evans said, 

I am thrilled to hear that our Memory Clinic teams have won an award. Their work to reduce waiting times from referral to diagnosis has had a significant impact on individuals and their families. This is a very positive change for people with memory problems as it will allow them to get the help they need faster than before ”