14 November 2018
A programme of healthy mind and body community activities open to all has now expanded across Bedfordshire and Luton.

The Trust has worked with partners across Bedford Borough, Central Bedfordshire and Luton to create a programme of ‘Mindful’ sessions that provide gentle exercise, opportunities to socialise and informal, friendly NHS support and advice on maintaining mental wellbeing.

Activities include swimming, wellbeing walks, yoga, badminton, boxercise and table tennis.

The successful initiative started in Bedford Borough in partnership with Bedford Borough Council and Mind BLMK.

It proved so successful the Trust has linked with other local authorities and partner agencies to launch Mindful initiatives in Central Bedfordshire and Luton.

“Every one of our sessions has been launched to provide a warm, welcoming and fun environment,” said Health Development Coordinator Steve Muggridge, the Trust’s project lead.

“They are here for anyone to enjoy a bit of gentle exercise and chat with some friendly faces about mental wellbeing and the small things in life which can make a big difference."

He added: “Our Mindful programme is open to all and we love welcoming new faces. Come and join us.”

Mindful activities:
Bedford Borough
Central Bedfordshire