15 April 2019

The number of people with lived experience who help others with their recovery is set to increase at the Trust over the next five years.

ELFT has committed to expanding its network of Peer Support Workers (PSWs) across mental health and physical health services by 50 per cent.

Trained PSWs work alongside clinical colleagues and use their own lived experience of mental or physical health challenges to support service users through one-to-one contact.

The PSWs can help individuals who are struggling to connect with clinicians, provide time to sit and talk, discuss recovery goals and help with social inclusion.

“These roles add tremendous value for service users, clinicians, the Trust and Peer Support Workers themselves,” said Paul Binfield, the Trust’s People Participation Lead.

“The PSWs build positive connections with service users which helps with recovery, they can help reduce demands on clinicians’ time and working as a PSWs acts as gateway for many on their journey to returning to employment.”

The Trust has approximately 30 PSWs and aims to increase numbers by 10 per cent annually over the next five years.

Recruitment, training and appointment of PSWs will be owned locally by all Trust directorates, with central support provided centrally via the proposed PSW professional lead.