17 September 2019

The contribution of the People Participation Team at ELFT and the difference it makes to the work of the Council of Governors has been highlighted by NHS Providers in a recently published case study on their Governance Blog.

The article mentions the strong link between the Council of Governors and People Participation in facilitating positive change within the Trust. One of the examples refers to the involvement of a service user who helps the complaints team writing responses and is being referred to as ‘It’s non-traditional, but it brings people together’.

People Participation at ELFT is a people centric approach in designing, delivering and assessing services with the involvement of service users and the help of their carers. It is independent from the Council of Governors and leaves the Council free to focus on strategic matters.

People Participation supports service users in their recovery journey, by increasing their confidence, ensuring they are feeling valued, listened to and by making a difference.

The full article can be accessed here: https://bit.ly/2kmDupm