07 January 2020

The official launch of the new office space for teams based on the first floor of Alie Street took place on Monday 6 January. 

To a chorus of cheers, Service User, Co-producer and 2018 ELFT Person of the Year award winner Adrian Curwen cut the official ribbon. 

He congratulated the People & Culture team for ‘getting a good job done' and welcomed staff to the area.

The whole of the first floor has now been transformed from a traditional desk design format to one which now allows people to work with more mobility, flexibility and creativity.  

The removal of the old furniture has also allowed for an opening up of more space, making for a brighter and less packed area to work in.  

It incorporates height adjustable standing desks as well as ‘sound booths’ and ‘pods’ that allow people to have meetings without disturbing their colleagues working nearby.

Trust Non-Executive Director Ken Batty was also officiating at the opening, alongside the Trust’s Director of People and Culture Tanya Carter and Director of Commercial Development Dr Mohit Venkataran.

Ken praised the People & Culture team for helping to drive the transformation through:  “Getting the culture right in an organisation is so important and you have been phenomenal in making things better for our people here in the Trust.”

Tanya praised People & Culture Business Partner Lucy Ingle for her central role in managing the project.

Tanya went on to explain that monthly huddles will be held on the first floor for staff to report how the new system is working and to identify anything that needs improving.

She also encouraged staff to email their team leaders with comments and suggestions.

Commenting on the new workspace layout, Engagement & Wellbeing Officer Amy Broadhead said: “I like the booking in system and the way it allows us to get to know different members of the teams, people we wouldn't necessarily have worked alongside before."