15 November 2018

An inspirational nurse has shared her personal story of depression and self-harm through a national magazine to help challenge stigma surrounding mental health.

Clinical practice lead Rachel Luby, who works at the Trust's John Howard Centre in Hackney, was interviewed by New! Magazine as part of a feature on how people have recovered from self harm.

Rachel talks about her own mental health journey and the steps she has taken on her recovery journey.

“I share my story with colleagues and patients,” Rachel told the magazine.

“I still battle with suicidal feelings and mood disturbances, but I want my recovery journey to give hope to others.

“I can’t tell others not to be ashamed of mental illness if I try to conceal my own. 

“Things will get better and I’m determined to dispel any misconceptions about self-harm.”

Rachel, who studied a Bsc in Mental Health Nursing at London South Bank University, joined the Trust seven months ago and is also a member of the ELFT Disabled Staff Network.

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